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The Flightline

  • Big Hawks! Tomorrow we will being meeting up with your Little Hawks at 9:15 for a QR activity. Please bring your iPads to the gym.

  • SkyHawks in the City registration is now open!

  • Sign ups for stage crew and other jobs will be at the ITS meeting after school on Monday in Mr. Wright's room, A155.

  • Get your free 25th Anniversary T-Shirts During Lunch!

  • Angels prayer groups meet again on Thursday morning at 6:45 am in the Campus Ministry office for prayer, friendship, and doughnuts.

  • All students interested in Vivace Band or Crew, please stop and see Mr. Storm in the music room by Tuesday, August 22nd.

  • Set construction has begun for the fall play! Come to the stage after school at 3:30 and get involved.

  • Any young man interested in joining the Guardians is invited to attend an information meeting on Thursday Aug. 17 @ 7am in Mr. Zavaletta's room.

  • SkyHawks for Life will be hosting their first Life Nite on Tuesday Aug. 22 @ 7pm in the Student Center.

  • Anyone interested in playing some chess, come to D104 Thursday, August 17th

Maria Miller

Maria Miller, BirdFeed Editor

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Student News of Skutt Catholic High School