Winter Sports Preview 2016-2017

Looking inside the winter season’s SkyHawk sports


Photo by Brooke Heyne

Senior Jessica Schlautman awaits an incoming pass against Gretna.

Sam Wiegand, Sports Editor

From dives to pins, or strikes to swishes, the winter sport season is full of excitement. This year’s installment of SkyHawk winter sports truly has a chance to leave a lasting impact.

Here’s a preview of all five of the winter sports; Bowling, Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Basketball, Swimming, and Wrestling.


Head Coach: Felands Marion

“We want to win three tournaments,” bowling coach Mr. Felands Marion said. “Also to take state, and win our league,” Marion continued.

With a team made mostly of upperclassman, the varsity bowlers are off to a hot start. Getting third place out of ten in an early tournament, this bodes well for the bowlers. This season should end with a high placement in their league.

The key bowlers to watch for are senior AJ Dominguez, as well as juniors Nolan Lange and Zach Valgora.

“I think we have a lot of potential, because we all strive off each other,” senior captain Dominguez said. “If one bowls well, we all bowl well. We win and lose as a team. I have a lot of faith in them to improve as the year goes on.”

Boy’s Basketball

Head Coach: Kyle Jurgens

Freshman David Moreano swishes a free throw against Gross.
Sam Wiegand
Freshman David Moreano swishes a free throw against Gross.

“This team is special because it’s kind of a new era for our program,” head basketball coach Mr. Kyle Jurgens said. “We have some very young and inexperienced guys, but they are very skilled and play with a confidence that you don’t usually see in young players.”  

If the 82-80 overtime exhibition game against Westside says anything about this team, they will definitely be very exciting. Starting the regular off 2-1 with the only loss coming to #2 all class Gretna that is a great start. The biggest strength of this team is it’s shooting ability. This team could easily make a run in the postseason if they shoot well all year.

A few players to watch for are; senior Christian Banker, and juniors Austin Ash and Jackson Gordon.

“We play very confidently,” senior Christian Banker said. “The goal is always to win a state title.”

Girl’s Basketball

Head Coach: Marty Plum

“We have a saying,” head basketball coach Mr. Marty Plum said. “Attack the ball on defense, attack the rim on offense, attack the process everyday.”

The regular season could not have started any better for the girl’s basketball team this year. Winning three games and the GICC early bird tournament. This included a win over preseason ranked #5 Gretna. Keeping up this pace could lead to a postseason berth and a solid run this year.

A few players to look for include the three seniors Allison Heithoff, Lizzy Ninneman, and Jessica Schlautman.

“It helped us gain more confidence in ourselves,” senior Lizzy Ninneman said, regarding the tournament win. “We proved to ourselves what we can accomplish this season.”


Head Coach: Kellie Harris

“My ultimate goal is for everyone to improve their times,” head swim coach Ms. Kellie Harris said.“I’d rather we have good times and lose, than bad times and win.”

Starting off at the Burke invite was bit of a mixed bag for the swim team. Some good times, as well as some not so good times were posted.

Sophomore Jack Kramer dives in as Senior Marcus Judah touches the wall at Burke.
Sophomore Jack Kramer dives in as Senior Marcus Judah touches the wall at Burke.

Luckily this is the first meet so improvements can be made. This team should be able to send multiple relays as well as individuals to state on both the boys and girls teams. Both have a solid shot at placing high at RCC.

A few boy swimmers to watch include; junior Ryan Chapman, sophomore Jack Kramer, and senior Marcus Judah.

As for the girls keep an eye on; freshman Maggie Kramer, and juniors Zoe Weland and Mac Modde.

Also, there is one diver, freshman Andrew Fenner.

“Get individuals as well as relays to state,” junior Ryan Chapman said regarding goals. “We really want to win RCC.”


Head Coach: Chas DeVetter

“We want to win a Team State Title and Dual State Title,” head wrestling coach Mr. Chas DeVetter said. “I have been very impressed with the overall work ethic and attitude of the team,” DeVetter continued. “We have a fun and talented group that works hard.”

Death, taxes, Skutt Catholic wrestling. These are constants in our world that never change. The wrestling program has won state more years than almost all of the current students have been alive. Not much is different this year, especially with the returning cast of talented wrestlers this year. A state title is something they can surely achieve this year, as well as reclaiming the state dual title.

Wrestlers to watch include: senior three-time state champion Korbin Meink, senior Curt Randall, junior Billy Higgins, and freshman Caleb Lazure.

“We have so much raw talent,” senior Curt Randall said, “we have to win state.”

Winter might not be the most glamorous season of the year, but these SkyHawk sports teams might change that. Go out and support your fellow SkyHawks in everything, whether it be basketball or bowling, cheer them on.