One Easy Way to Get the Lunchroom to Hate You

Cutting in line is rude and we despise those who do

Nessa Woosley, Staff Morale Editor

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The lunch bell rings. You sprint down the hallway, pushing and shoving just to secure a close spot in line. No matter your efforts, there’s always a group of people who make this chaotic scene even worse: the line cutters.

We at the Flightline strongly dislike how seemingly acceptable it has become to cut the lunch line. It seems like an elementary school dilemma, but it occurs here in our high school every single day.

We see you.

The typical cutting strategy involves the culprit making their way toward their friends, acting like they’re just going to have a small chat with them, and sneakily sliding their way into line. Although, some students aren’t as casual about it. A lot of boys just walk up to the front expecting someone to let them in.

In our observations, we’ve noticed the most notorious offenders are the junior and sophomore boys. It’s hard to hide that bleached football hair. Seniors usually leave for lunch, but the ones that don’t also have been spotted sneaking in line. A few junior girls also were caught at the last second.

Our question is why do they feel so entitled? Honestly, there is no reason why they should pass anyone in line. Others have been standing there since class got out and the line cutters show up and think they deserve to stand in front of the rule followers. The ones already in line don’t want to say anything to make them seem uncool, so nothing happens, and they get away with it.

When a teacher sees them cutting the line (and on the rare occasion actually calls them out on it) they get sent to the back of the line and complain. But, that’s where they should’ve been in the first place!

We’ve all done it at least once, but that doesn’t make it fair. If you need to stand by your friend in line so bad, they can move to the back with you.

It may not be a big deal, but it’s disrespectful to other students and there is no reason for it. Just be a good person and follow the rules, it’s not that hard.