Skutt Catholic Teachers Recreate 10 Classic Memes

Do they even know what memes are? Find out with a trip back to meme renaissance


Photo by Lily Yates

Mrs. Kros illustrating her comedic prowess by recreating this iconic meme.

Lily Yates, Quintessence Copy Editor

Memes: a means of communication that can say so much using so few words. With our age group’s prevailing love for the Internet, every Skutt Catholic student knows what a meme is…but do the teachers have any idea? Find out with 10 staff recreations of classic “Renaissance era” Internet memes.

Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka: Tell Me More

imageLily Yates

Mrs. Fuelberth doesn’t need any elaborate excuses as to why your AP Bio permission slip isn’t in after two weeks.


imageLily Yates

Mrs. Vandenbosch will never complain when a student brings quiche to French Friday.

Chloe, We’re Going to Disneyland

imageLily Yates

Even though there may be donuts in the teachers’ lounge, it’s early in the morning and Mrs. Hoye isn’t about to forget it.

Nicolas Cage Rage Comic: You Don’t Say?

Lily Yates
Mrs. Kros has had enough of Hobby Lobby’s ludicrous prices on Play-Doh brain molds for AP Psychology.

Kermit/Lipton Tea: That’s None of My Business

imageLily Yates

Mr. Storm told you to use the recordings to practice  for choir, didn’t he? And what did the visiting conductor say- the same? That’s none of his business.

Take My Money

imageLily Yates

Mr. Wright isn’t about to turn down a half-price matte stage paint sale.

Success Baby

imageLily Yates

It’s a good day when Mr. Goetzinger’s honors theology class actually does all of their homework- and claps after he sings.

And His Name is John Cena

imageLily Yates

Mr. K-W has no problem jumping off desks like the ropes on a wrestling ring for his students.

Ancient Aliens Guy

imageLily Yates

Be careful in Mr. Thielen’s class- rumor has it he is known to enjoy various conspiracy shows, although he’s pretty convincing when it comes to Don Pedro’s secret alien origins.

Rage Comic: Me Gusta

imageLily Yates

PYP brought a vegetarian option today and Mr. Elliott is feeling blessed to say the least.

Lily Yates - Quintessence Editor-in-Chief

Lily became a member of The Flightline in August of 2015. She is a senior this year and enjoys an array of activities including choir, theatre and slam poetry. She is also on staff as a library aide at the Omaha Public Library. You can email her at [email protected]