Hard Work Run Over

New color-coded cross country rankings bring up opposition


Photo by Bob Killgore

Sam Klemme, Guest Writer

Most of the cross country team has worked hard all summer to get their place on varsity or JV, only to be divided into the important and the unimportant.

The Skutt Catholic Cross Country team has been introduced to a new ranking system that puts us into teams that train together. It also makes some of us feel as though we are non-­existent.

For this sport, encouragement is needed. We will be running 3.14 miles as fast as we can, and it’s hard to accomplish this with little motivation.

There are four teams: Black, Silver, Green, and White.

Varsity is the Black Team. Upper JV is Silver. Green Team is made up of above-average runners. The leftovers would be White, or at least that is how we feel. The problem is that we as the White Team feel undermined. We feel that we are being told that we can’t do much more until we reach a higher team. Our White Team is probably what some teams consider average. We have had a few rough races. We know that. Our efforts feel ignored.

It isn’t only the White Team that feels this way.

All of the athletes on this cross country team have worked incredibly hard during summer conditioning, and now they are bound to a label that gets very specific workouts. Many feel as if we are forced to work within our assigned teams’ constraints, making it hard to move forward. This makes it difficult, because there are so many ranges in endurance and skill that it makes the groups feel too confined. We pretty much agree that varsity is varsity and acknowledge that they are amazing, but we think that JV shouldn’t have been cut into small pieces that feel divided. We have to be trusted to work as hard as we can.

We understand that as a team that is 70+ people, but there needs to be a better way to manage and monitor everyone. Taking apart this team brought us down. We are discouraged, and frankly, feel ignored.

Maria Koliopoulos

Maria became a member of The Flightline in January of 2016. She is a senior this year involved in show choir at Skutt Catholic and is probably climbing a tree or drawing outside of school. You can email her at [email protected]