Root for the Home Team

The Flightline staff talks school spirit

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Root for the Home Team

Photo by Twitter, @SkuttCatholic

Photo by Twitter, @SkuttCatholic

Photo by Twitter, @SkuttCatholic

The Flightline Staff

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In Las Vegas, a home field advantage is worth three points on paper. This means if two teams are equal, then the home team is given a three point advantage in the spread.

This, of course, doesn’t mean anything when the teams meet on the field. However, a home field advantage, given that it is taken advantage of, can give the home team a leg up over its opponent.

At Skutt Catholic, our hardworking students are involved in a number of activities, and it’s vital that we support them. It’s vital that we support them with character, with dedication, and with consistency.

When it comes to our football team, our student section has historically been one of the strongest in Class B athletics. However, on Friday, Sept. 16, as the SkyHawk football team started to succumb to the Elkhorn Antlers, the student section was greatly diminished. Many skirt-clad senior boys were nowhere to be found by the end of the first half.

As the game went on, the Antlers chanted one “We can’t hear you” after another and screamed countless ‘bang, bang, choo-choo train’ cheers.

Of course, this is not to say that we would have won the game if the fans had stuck around; in fact, to think this is to miss the point that we at the Flightline are trying to convey.

The point is that we can do better, and we have done better. We need to start cheering with integrity and loyalty. If we are losing at halftime, the second half should be louder than the first, not the other way around.

As of now, we have a recurring case of student section failure. This past Thursday, Sept. 21, in the SkyHawks’ game against Gretna, over half of the students refused to leave the stands to welcome the SkyHawk football players to the field, which is usually a incredibly proud and exciting tradition.

But the issue goes beyond the stands of Moylan Field. Skutt Catholic’s nationally ranked volleyball team gets a measly section of student onlookers week in and week out.

Nearly everyone has an involvement in some kind of competitive activity, so we all know that competing with your classmates there to cheer you on is always better than competing alone. And hopefully, all of us know the difference that those cheers make.

And with that, we issue a challenge: support your fellow SkyHawks in all that we do. Cheer emphatically, consistently, and with integrity. And for pete’s sake, leave the stands to welcome the football players to the field.

Tom Hermanek - Managing Editor

Tom became a member of The Flightline in January of 2015. He is a senior who is involved in mock trial and swimming. Off campus, Tom spends his time with friends or working at Starbucks. You can email him at [email protected]