Cross Country Runners Race Their Hearts Out at Plattsmouth

How our SkyHawks stacked up against the rest of the competition

Photo by Bob Killgore
Kevin Rice running at Plattsmouth

Bob Killgore, Staff Reporter

Coaches and runners have been circling Thursday, September 1 on their calendar ever since the last race of the 2015 season. All the hard work over the summer will finally pay off on this meet and Skutt Catholic Runners were looking forward to finally run a race again. Before I tell you the results, cross-country is runners racing 3.14 miles as fast as they can. Here’s how the varsity boys, JV boys, varsity girls, and JV girls did on Thursday.

Varsity boys
The 6 boys on the varsity teams are Kevin Rice, Brett Manternach, Blake Manternach, Noah Hennessy, Cole Mingo, and Ross Kathol. The times that varsity runners shoot for is anywhere from 17 to 19 minutes. Kevin ran a 17:56, a personal record. Brett’s time was 18:11. Blake, who ran his very first race ever and his time was 18:36. Noah raced a 19:11. Cole joined the cross country team this year and ran a 19:29. Ross’s time was 20:12. Overall, Skutt came in 7th place and Lincoln Pius X won.

JV boys
Last season, the JV boys went undefeated in class B and their goal Thursday was to defend that belt. Eric Melrose ran the best time for Skutt’s JV and came in 7th place overall with a time of 19:25. Nathan Fletcher came 4 seconds behind Eric and came in 11 place. Ian Fuelberth ran a 19:40. Bryce Weseley’s time was 20:07. Hans Espiritu was just behind Bryce and ran a 20:08. Each time the boys ran is great. Overall the boys came in 4th with Lincoln Pius X in first.

Varsity girls
The 6 girls on the varsity team are Kelli Zavadil, Ally Pachunka, Laurin Mertz, Maria LaSala, Megan Kanger, and Sydney Reeves. Kelli led the girls and ran a 21:56 to earn 12 place. Ally finished two seconds behind Kelli to earn 13 place. Lauren Mertz’s time was a 22:43 and Maria’s time was a 23:15. Megan was a second behind Maria. Sydney ran 24:41. The girls came in 3rd beyond Elkhorn and Pius. All these times are good, especially Kelli’s and Ally’s.

JV girls
They ran last and was the fourth event. Standouts from JV girls include Melissa Wasserburger, who ran a 24:40. This earned 20th place. Daniell Oberfoell’s time was 24:54. Another notable time was Aleia Frazel with 24:56. The girls came in 3rd place behind South Sioux City and Pius. These times are very good, especially for JV.

“I think the team did well considering how many injuries we had”, said senior Ross Kathol. “Two of our JV guys had to move up to varsity because of our injuries”, Kathol continued

Bob Killgore - Sports Editor

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