Scoreboard Says: Infinite Capabilities

Skutt Catholic Gets Innovative Video Boards


Photo by Sam Wiegand

Skutt Catholic's new video board.

Sam Wiegand, Sports Editor

With the start of a new school year, not only will the hallways at Skutt Catholic have new faces, but the athletic facilities will as well. New features in the athletic facilities come in the shape of scoreboards. However, these aren’t your run of the mill scoreboards. They are brand new video boards, with endless possibilities.

In the gym, replacing the old, clunky scoreboards, are two brand new video boards. On the west wall, towards the entrance of the school, a three meter by two-meter video board has been installed, while on the east wall, which has the mural, a four meter by three-meter video board was also installed.

The football field’s scoreboard is much larger as a result of the upgrades as well, measuring out at four meters by eight meters. As stated before, these aren’t regular scoreboards, but blank video boards that are almost like giant iPads.

ScoreVision, a local IMG_2692company based in Omaha, makes the scoreboards. “This is the largest multimedia display in our area,” said ScoreVision Product Coordinator Colleen Hernandez. “It is revolutionary due to that it is a multimedia display that uses our software to run the scoreboard.”

“ScoreVision elevates the game day experience,” said Activities Director Mr. Jeremy Moore. “It allows for hype videos, pregame videos, and marketing to be implemented into the athletic component of an actual game.”

This means that before every volleyball, football, or basketball game, theoretically, there could be a hype video, which could include either great plays or players introducing themselves. The boards are also planned to be used during Mass and fine art events.

“I feel like this is just one more thing that makes games lot more fun,” said senior Kirayle Jones. “I think it would  get more people involved and excited about them.”

The endless capabilities include everything from customized hype videos, to simply showing the actual scores. These video boards are controlled by a Mac Mini and an iPad. The screen is capable of displaying anything that you can put on either of those devices on the board in full HD.

With these improvements, the enjoyment of the game day experience is only increased. Come to Moylan Field on Friday, August 26th, to experience the video board in person and support your Skutt Catholic football team.