The Foam Glow was Lit

Omaha residents participate in glow in the dark 5k

Nessa Woosley, Staff Morale Editor

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What makes running less awful? A nighttime 5k with glow in the dark foam. Hundreds of Omaha residents gathered at Werner Park on Saturday, August 6th, for a memorable 5k. The Foam Glow travels all over the country, giving people of all ages a night to remember.

The event was comprised of a pre-race party, the race itself, ant the after party. The pre-race party pumped racers up about the fast aproaching running or walking event. It didn’t compare to the after-party, though, because the sun was still up. It took the Glow out of Foam Glow.

The run itself was the least tiring portion of the evening. A 5k is only about 3.1 miles, and there were water stops, foam shooters, and music at various points along the route to keep the crowd’s energy up. The foam stops make you feel like a kid again, dreaming about getting slimed on Nickelodeon, as the steady stream of foam pours from above while you sprint through it. “My favorite part was running and dancing through the foam,” senior Amira Barsoom stated.

The most exhausting part of the Foam Glow 5k took place after the actual run. The after-party made you feel like falling asleep in the parking lot. The music took control and had everyone dancing for hours without a break. There were several huge black lights that made the party truly light up. Glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark paint, and everyone’s white shirts assisted the black lights in igniting the night.

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There were a few downsides to having wet, slippery foam all over the place. If you weren’t careful, the foam blasting in your face every five to ten minutes would get in your eyes. It would slightly burn and be mildly annoying. “Three days later and my shoes still aren’t dry. When you were running, with every step you took, foam would squish out,” Anna Vacek commented.

If someone was standing directly in the line of the foam’s spray, it’d start to get hard for them to breathe without sucking in the foam too, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for standing in front of a foam cannon.

Overall, this could be considered one of the greatest nights of summer 2016.