The “Bleach Boys” are Back

Senior Paul Semin shows off his new locks

Senior Paul Semin shows off his new locks

Paige Ourada, Copy Editor

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Girls are cringing, boys are gawking, and the freshmen are just plain confused. Football playoffs mean bleached hair is suddenly the style of the school.

As the varsity football team begins another trek to the State Championship, they decided the best way to prepare would be to dunk their heads in bleach. According to senior football player Jack Camenzind, the idea was suggested by last year’s seniors, who led Skutt Catholic to their second state football crown. Ben Lane (‘14) got the idea from the Arizona Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu. “He used to put a blonde streak across the top of his head, so Ben thought of the idea of bleaching our entire heads,” says senior Shane Miller. “It’s become a tradition we pass down for the playoffs,” Camenzind further said. “Hopefully, if future seasons go as well as these past few have, the underclassmen will keep it up.”

Jaws dropped last Tuesday when the sea of yellow heads rolled into school. Freshman Emerson Hughes said she was in a state of shock when she saw the boys. “I like it, but I was really confused at first.” Even students that remember the bleach epidemic from last year were still surprised.

It’s more than just a tradition for the football team, though; it is is a good form of team bonding and it definitely makes a statement. Beyond that, it’s even sort of a superstition. “It worked last year, so why not do it again?” said senior Brennan Myers. Other students have picked up on the superstition and are hoping it will lead the SkyHawk football team to another state title. On behalf of The Flightline staff, good luck in your playoff season, football boys!