Prom Dress Stress

Plus the Dangers of Online Dress Shopping

Nessa Woosley, Website Details Coordinator

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“Have you found a prom dress yet?” seems to be the most common conversation starter lately.image

Movies, television and even our own imagination has taken the reality of prom and dramatically hyped it up.

The major pressure placed on the dream-like perfection adds to the stress of planning such an event. Sure, there are other elements of preparation that need to be addressed but none hold a candle to finding the right dress.

Evening gowns can get pretty pricey. Name brand designers, like Sherri Hill and Jovani, can range anywhere from $300 to $700. “I actually found a dress under 100 dollars!” Tori Barclay commented. “And it isn’t that ugly.”

While some junior and senior girls have already said yes to their dress, many haven’t even begun the search. “I don’t have a dress, I don’t have a group, I just don’t have any plans yet,” a frantic Sarah Devlin stated.

Sherri Hill Prom Dress $378

Sherri Hill Prom Dress $378

It can be so easy losing yourself in hours of scrolling through website searching for that perfect combination of fabrics and colors. “Prom” is a common Pinterest board among Skutt Catholic students, but be leery about purchasing your dream dress from an unreliable website.

Anna Vacek went on to explain her dilemma, “I bought a dress online for about a hundred dollars and when I got it I was so mad. It didn’t look like the dress in the picture at all and it didn’t even fit me. I asked if I could return it and they told me I would have to pay for shipping with only a 20 percent refund!” The 20 percent refund she would have received would not even pay for the return postage to Singapore.

Anna has found a prom dress since this debacle unfolded. “I highly recommend going in person and finding your dress,” Anna Vacek stated.

People put a lot of pressure on prom dresses when it is really all about having fun with your friends and making memories that will last a lifetime. No matter what goes awry, it will be an evening to remember.