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Senior Matthew Pohlman Follows Calling to Priesthood

Holy Orders!

Ava Dreessen, Staff Reporter

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Skutt Catholic has proven to be successful in helping their students “make a difference,” as senior Matthew Pohlman is planning to be one of the few graduates from the school who will go on to become a priest.

During August of last year, Pohlman set up a meeting with the Vocations Director of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Fr. Andy Roza, to express his interest in wanting to apply to the seminary. Since then, he’s been preparing for this journey through applying to seminaries, praying the Liturgy of the Hours as often as possible, and spending a lot of time in the school chapel praying and discerning.

“Back in first grade, when Pope John Paul II died, was when I first started thinking about it,” Pohlman said. “All I really knew was that I thought the Pope’s ‘costumes’ were really cool. So I actually kept up to like ten vestments that I made out of blankets I cut up. I am also a proud owner of thirteen cardboard mitres, or the pointy hats that the bishops wear.” He also went on to explain how, often times, he would play “mass” with his siblings when they were younger.

Pohlman didn’t start to discern seriously about his vocation until middle school, when he fell in love with going to adoration and the sacrament of reconciliation. From then on through high school, he finally decided to take the next step.

HIMG_4248e is planning to attend St. John Vianney Seminary, on the same campus as St. Thomas University in Minnesota, although the Archbishop is the final say on where he will attend once he graduates. “I’ll be majoring in philosophy the first four years as a requirement for the seminary, and after that there are another four years to learn theology, and become a priest.”

While he is technically a seminarian, Pohlman is still discerning on a daily basis. “It’s kind of a trippy time for me right now. I’m trying to stay open to whatever I’m called to because a lot of the guys decide to ‘discern out’ of the seminary after a few years in, when they realize they should be married, so I still have to be thinking about that.”

On Monday of this last week, Pohlman attended the Chrism Mass at the cathedral, where he got to IMG_4247wear the full cassock, clerical collar, and surplice for one of the first times, and process into the church along with the others to sit in the front of the cathedral while several bishops, including Archbishop George Lucas, held mass. “It was the first time I ever had a front row seat in the Cathedral, I usually sit way in the back, so now I could actually see everything that was going on,” he explains.

While the process is intimidating and challenging in many ways, Pohlman has always had a big support group on his side through the process. “My family has always been my biggest supporters for me. Fr. Jeff has also been very instrumental throughout the process, by telling me what to expect and giving advice,” Pohlman stated.

In the near future, Archbishop George Lucas will decide where Pohlman will start his studies as a seminarian. Until then, he will continue using what he’s learned through private schooling and the support of his friends and family to help fulfill his life-long vocation.




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One Response to “Senior Matthew Pohlman Follows Calling to Priesthood”

  1. Patti & Bernie Krejci on March 29th, 2016 9:00 pm

    We are members of St. Gerald’s, your mom went up Gross with our niece, Debbie Egermier Rice, your Uncle Mike, was the ump for games our daughter, Julie Krejci was a catcher – Fr. Andy Roza is my husband, Bernie Krejci’s cousin, we’ve seen you and your family at Mass at St. Gerald’s & watched you & your siblings grow up, Congratulations to you & may God Bless you!! Patti & Bernie Krejci

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Senior Matthew Pohlman Follows Calling to Priesthood