Talent Thwarted

From the unheard, or ignored, voices of the arts departments.

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Talent Thwarted

Ava Dreessen, Staff Reporter

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The Skutt Catholic Performing Arts Departments stands tall, talented and proud on their home field, the 23-year-old Cafecommotorium, amongst the glittering Goliath facilities of sports teams and activities. 

We at The Flightline want to call attention towards the lacking facilities provided to the arts departments that has been ignored for far too long. 

For the past seven years, Chris Storm has been the director for concert choir and show choir, which started out as a measly 19-member department. Since then, he’s helped to develop the department into 54 show choir members, and 71 members in both concert choir and chamber choir. The choir classes were split into two because the department has grown too large to all fit into one room.

IMG_4188Choir classes are held in a multi-function music room, shared with band, and the electives piano and guitar, while we make-do with what we have, we at The Flightline feel that the program absolutely needs a more suitable music room, particularly one that does not have a fake ceiling hanging from the pipe-work and wires held below the original ceiling, and that holds at least a minimal amount of acoustics. The girls bathroom has more acoustics than this room.

Skutt Catholic needs to recognize and reward the success of the choir by giving them their own, modern facilities, not continue to expect results from the shared, outdated facilities they currently occupy.

Another one of the facilities that the school provides the department with is the stage, which is found right in the middle of the commons, and opens to the front doors, which are only a hundred feet away. It’s been bitterly named “The Cafecommotorium,” or the cafeteria/ commons/auditorium, to highlight the absurdity of the setup.

IMG_4187There are obvious reasons why this facility causes issues: for any normal school, set up for a production takes just the flick of a light switch. But for Skutt Catholic? We take hours to set up “auditorium chairs,” a faux lighting/sound booth set up on show choir risers, pipe and drape, and blackout the light that pools in from the front doors.

Although the idea of owning our own auditorium has been a long-time dream, we at The Flightline believe it needs to cease being a dream, and become a reality. Instead of funding new softball fields, or even credit card-ready vending machines, the school needs to invest in the future, and build a new auditorium.

Skutt Catholic claims to be one of the best choices of private high schools in Omaha for academics, athletics, and activities, but if it wants to continue to grow and compete with every other West Omaha high school, it needs to upgrade its facilities for performing arts. *would drop mic but we only have the budget for one*