Photo Essay: Skutt Choir Takes Rome

Rachel Podraza, Editor-in-Chief

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Some people want to travel the world and see other country’s history, but what about getting a chance to add to that history? That’s just what 30 plus Skutt Catholic students, parents, alumni, and fac- ulty got the opportunity to do.

The whole experience started in October 2012 when Mr. Storm received an email inviting him to a choir festival in Rome, Italy, and after 2 years of planning, paying, and rehearsing it was finally time for the choir to depart. They left on June 20, 2014, and after about 12 hours of flying they arrived to a sign saying “Vueling Fa Volare Roma!” Which wasn’t a greeting, but rather an advertisement for Ital- ian Airways.

They were only there 5 days and with rehearsals every day; they had so much to pack into the trip. The first thing they got the chance to see was the Pope give a blessing at Vatican Square. Later that day they saw the ruins of an ancient city called Ostia. Senior Lau- ren Gehrki said, “Everything was just so unreal. I had to keep remind- ing myself that it was actually happening.” Then on day 2, the group got to take a tour of religious Rome, including St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, and the Sistine Chapel. After that they even had some extra time to visit Plaza Navona.

The last major day of touring was also the day of the concert. The first thing on the itinerary was a tour of ancient Rome. “Rome is a captivating and breathtaking experience and I will never forget the beauty and history of the city,” said Senior Nate Keane. Once that had ended it was time to head over to the Sopa Minerva to begin the last rehearsal before the concert. After that, everyone went back to St. Peter’s Basilica to sing for the mass for the feast of St. John.
Now It was time for the concert. With Skutt and two other schools from across America, they filled up almost half the room. They began to sing the series of 7 songs they have been practicing for a month. It was a lot of work with only 2 songs in English, but they were able to beautifully pull it off. “I loved being able to experience, because now I appreciate music as a whole in a completely new way,” said junior Madi Koperski.

When the concert ended, so did their tour of Rome. They left the next morning for America. Changed forever by the extended his- tory, unique experiences, and lifetime bonds that they have gained from one short trip to Rome. The only thing that they were left yearn- ing for was the opportunity to do it all over again.