A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

A preview of Super Bowl 50

Photo by NFL

Sam Wiegand, Staff Reporter

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Grab your snacks, wrangle up some friends, and turn on your TV. It’s time for the biggest single sporting event in the world: the Super Bowl.

February 7, 2016 marks the date of this year’s championship game between the 15-1 Carolina Panthers of the NFC and the 12-4 Denver Broncos.

This game, like most Super Bowls, should be an exciting game full of complex storylines, superstar players, and exciting football.

Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos

Romilly Evans/Bet Fair
Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos

The NFL is full of stories that make it feel like it’s more than football. The main storylines for this interpretation of the Super Bowl are about the team’s quarterbacks: Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, the new kid on the block against quite possibly the greatest quarterback of all time.

Peyton Manning, heading towards the end of his career, could possibly win this game, retire, and ride off into the sunset. This would make him one of twelve quarterbacks to win two Super Bowls or more.

Honestly, all this does is help his legacy. This is because Peyton Manning is widely regarded as the greatest regular season quarterback of all time, but he just couldn’t seem to win it all enough.

As for Cam Newton, this would be his first Super Bowl win and would even be the Panthers’ first Super Bowl win. It could also be a theoretical passing of the torch.

Peyton Manning has won the NFL MVP award five times, an NFL record. Cam Newton was the MVP of the NFL this year.

There are plenty more storylines going on in this game, but those are key ones involving the quarterbacks of the teams.

Every year the Super Bowl is full of superstar players. This year is no different; it included fourteen Pro Bowlers at various positions, meaning that this game is star-studded. While both teams’ offenses are headlined by their star quarterbacks, it’s their defenses that truly shine.

Denver has the number one overall defense this year, led by linebacker Von Miller as well as cornerbacks Chris Harris and Aqib Talib. Von Miller especially has turned it on recently, tormenting the New England Patriots in the AFC championship round to the tune of 2.5 sacks and an interception.

Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.

Kevin C. Cox/ Getty Images
Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers’ defense is no slouch though, led by All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly and cornerback Josh Norman. The main question mark on this squad involves their other linebacker Thomas Davis. Davis had a serious arm injury during the NFC championship game. “I wouldn’t miss the Super Bowl for the world,” Davis said. If he plays, it would be an incredible sign of will and toughness.

Overall, this year’s Super Bowl should be a fabulous game full of twists and turns. Both teams are coached tremendously well and want to win badly. Throw in all those storylines along with the star power, and you have yourself a possible all-time great game.

I’m expecting the Carolina Panthers to win, but due to Cam Newton’s elite playing recently, but it’s very hard to count out Peyton Manning. As long as the commercials aren’t too obnoxious, this year’s Super Bowl should be one to remember.