Dance Moves on a Gradual Downhill Slope

How this generation's dance moves are some of the worst ever


Peter Quinn, Staff Reporter

Dancing has seemed to hit an all time low over the past year. While we laugh at our parents for doing the “sprinkler” or any other popular dance moves for their time, let’s take a quick look at our generation.

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Many are familiar with a recent dance move that has arisen called the “dab,” which is ultimately just mimicking the action of a sneeze. An array of others precedes the dab, such as the whip, the nae nae, and hitting the quan.

Dabbing rose to stardom when it began being used in sports by Cam Newton as a touchdown celebration.

Hitting the Quan
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The rap group Migos created this dance move a few years back, and have since released multiple songs related to the dab. Why they chose to start doing a dance where it looks like they are sneezing is another question.

Hitting the quan seemed to have the spotlight shown on it for a short while. iLoveMemphis, an artist that really no one knows about for any other reason than his song, “Hit the Quan”. He also created this stunning dance.

Time Magazine

If you’ve ever heard the song you are fully aware why no one knows about him. The dance is a combination of strangely swinging your arms. If this is considered dancing, then I don’t have much hope for the future.

Just when you thought we went over the worst, we can’t forget about the whip and the nae nae. These dances are usually done together.

Nae Nae
Time Magazine

The whip is an ultimately a cranking motion, that to someone who doesn’t know what it is, looks like one of the strangest dances ever.

Now after you hit the whip, always remember to nae nae. I am still confused on what the word nae nae is or came from. Nae naeing is pretty much just waving your hand in a specific way. Altogether, both of these dances, even to me, are atrocious.

The dab, whip, nae nae, and hitting the quan make the the dance moves from the 70s look good. Over time, popular dance moves have been on a constant downhill descent. So next time you make fun of your parents for doing some funky dance moves, look at the dances you are doing first.