5 Holiday Items at Trader Joe’s Necessary to Feel All the Christmas Feels

Deck the aisles with bounds of seasonal standouts

Gabby Giesler, Editor-in-Chief

Trader Joe’s is hands down one of the coolest grocery stores out there. Sure, it’s a grocery store, so, you think, it can’t be all that fun. Wrong! The moment you enter the store it’s like a magical wonderland of groceries and extremely helpful and charismatic employees. They somehow know how to stack hundreds of cookie boxes with exquisite precision and are more peppy than the workers at Chick-fil-A, dare I say. What could be better? This, plus all the goodness of the Christmas season.

Pumpkin spice season is unfortunately now passing us by, but all the chocolate, peppermint, decadent goodness of Christmas food has reentered the world and all is right again in Santa’s eyes (except for the kids on the naughty list). Christmas treats are on the mind anyway, and below are the top 5 holiday items at Trader Joe’s that need to be in your pantry RIGHT NOW!

Item #1:  Dark Chocolate Mint Stars

Reminiscent of Thin Mints, these dark chocolate mini stars fell straight from the heavens onto the shelves of Trader Joe’s. Okay, so maybe they were counted and packaged first, but seriously, if you’re a fan of chocolate shortbread cookies with a blast of cool mint flavor, these cookies will keep you satisfied. Yes, even as you snack your way through Christmas break while lying on the couch doing absolutely nothing but wasting away watching Netflix. Grab a box or two…or three…

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Item #2: Gingerbread Latte Mix

Mmmm, nothing like a hand-mixed latte when your Keurig decides to conk out trying to brew the third cup of coffee so you can stay awake to study for finals. Take my word, I’ve been there, and this latte mix does just the trick. I’m a big fan of the pumpkin spice flavor, and Trader Joe’s continues to impress as they roll with the seasonal demands of coffee fanatics. Grab a steaming mug of water, mix a spoonful of this concoction, and miserably study for finals while simultaneously celebrating the fact that Christmas break is dearly soon. This Gingerbread Latte should give you the strength to suffice. (Not mentioned on label, but it’s guaranteed.)








Item #3: Mini Gingerbread Men

The gingerbread food kick continues on with these gingerbread men. Even better, they’re mini, because yes, everything is better mini nowadays. Small enough to fit inside the gingerbread house displayed on the highest kitchen counter and not be eaten, yet compact enough that I can fit four in my mouth, I chew, swallow, and successfully repeat as I snack in between ringing out customers at my retail job during this gosh-forsaken holiday season. Either way, these mini gingerbread men deserve more popularity than the tallest nutcracker and also deserve a home in your pantry to live out their short, pitiful lives before being munched on by hungry holiday folk.









Item #4: Cocoa Drizzled Kettle Corn

The bag claims that they have mastered the combination between sweet and salty just perfectly. I thought that was a bit of a stretch, considering kettle corn is already sweet, plus the cocoa addition. However, this kettle corn may as well be drizzled in gold, because the balance between sweet and salty is unlike any sorcery I have previously dealt with. To be honest, I was caught off guard, like that one time I actually got coal in my stocking and in that moment recalled all the terrible things I’d done that year. (Please don’t take me back. The coal is real and not a matter to joke about.) Grab a decorative tin and plop a bag or two of kettle corn into it. Bam. Perfect gift idea for Grandma. You’re welcome!








Item #5: Dark Chocolate Peppermint/Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is notorious for their all too famous Joe-Joe’s. Better than an Oreo (dare I say it?) simply because they make me feel less guilty about myself as I plow through an entire row in one sitting because, well, they’re from Trader Joe’s so they must be somewhat healthy, right? The crushed peppermint bits in the cream filling spark a sensation unlike any other, as if the heavens and the earth collided to form a PERFECT peppermint cookie that wasn’t overdone on the peppermint (Blah – refer to Hannah Klemme’s peppermint opinion for an explanation on that one) combined with seamless chocolate flavor + cream and all was good in the world. It’s the 9th year these cookies have been around, and fanatics are just now finishing up their frozen boxes from last year. It’s time for you to go get you some too.











Extra Item #6: Holiday Dog Biscuits – Gingerbread

Don’t forget about Fido this holiday season. I mean, my dogs know how to open Christmas presents. Feel bad now? You should. Don’t worry though, Trader Joe’s dog biscuits are trusted. I’ve read the ingredient panel about 200 times being the protective dog mom I am. Walk in the door with a box of these in your grocery tote, and the dog knows – it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Wrap it up, stick a bow on, and have your dog try to open it on Christmas. This makes for a great show and allows your pooch to feel a part of the festivities. Go Trader Joe’s thinking of everyone in the fam! Merry Christmas to all and to all a PAWsome night.








There you have it, five (technically six) foods you need to get at Trader Joe’s. Now. Get in your car and go. Drive safe: you don’t want the grocery sacks to tip on the way home.