Rendezvous Recap

Skutt Catholic Juniors became pioneers for a day

Nessa Woosley

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All of the members of the junior class gathered by the Skutt Catholic tennis courts to set up their tepees and tents for a windy day of hanging with friends and eating lots of food. Bakeries, fur trading posts, and saloons were just a few examples of the creative structures one would have seen looking at the Skutt Catholic prairie on October 12th.rsz_rendezvous_4

The junior class had been preparing for Rendezvous since the school year began. The assignment was to write a paper and a script, build a structure and wear an outfit that your character may have worn when traveling westward. The purpose of the Rendezvous project was to experience a glimpse of what life may have been like for people who traveled on the various trails in search of a better life.

This year’s Rendezvous broke the bad weather streak. The wind was, however, the cause of the collapse of seven structures. “I felt my heart sink as I watched my structure take flight with the wind,” Nick Neesen commented. It was heartbreaking to see some of these buildings tumble over, imagining all the planning and construction gone to waste in just a gust of wind. I, for one, held on for dear life to one of my structure’s legs to keep it grounded. It was quite a sight. The junior class was still grateful it was merely strong winds and not rain or any other inclement conditions of that sort.rsz_rendezvous_3

The food was incredible. Everyone brought something to the table and it was an amazing experience. “Trent had the best food by far. The deer was awesome,” Anna Vacek commented. “I went hunting with my dad, brother and my grandpa and this was only one of the deer we shot,” junior Trent Hixson explained. Alec Brown and Tim Mendick made popcorn, bacon, and steaks over their fire only using a wrench and a mysterious tool which we later used as a hammer. Multiple groups had baked goods to complement their bakery-themed structures. Burgers and pizza were very popular as well. rsz_rendezvous_1

The KMTV news crew came to cover the event because this is such a unique assignment. It was overall a great day for food and friends and was not at all what was expected.