Sara Zaleski: Fashionista, Model, Blogger

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Sara Zaleski: Fashionista, Model, Blogger

Hannah Klemme, Entertainment Editor

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One of the most unique souls to ever grace the halls of Skutt Catholic is the one and only, Sara Zaleski. Over the past three years, she has drawn herself and others to a whole new world of fashion and philosophies about life. Her claim to fame began on the platform of a YouTube channel. From DIY’s to OOTD’s, Sara has been a thrift-savvy inspiration for her peers. She has recently sparked up a blog with the title “Thoughts By Sara.” The simplicity of this blog is an insight to the artistic and mindful side Sara possesses. The blog contains samples of her photography, art, and several posts of written masterpieces that reflect miscellaneous thoughts about life. Here is a brief interview with Sara, discussing her past, her hopes, and her random thoughts.

What first inspired you to start your YouTube Chanel?

“I started making short stop-motion (flip book) videos with my sister about 4 years ago. What I was really interested was the production aspect of it. More recently, I have decided that I am determined to work in the fashion industry, preferably as a stylist or consultant. For me, YouTube was an outlet to share my visions, along with hearing others’ opinions about them.”

How has your fashion changed over the past three years, and what influences your fashion choices?

“It has gotten better, thank the Lord! Freshman year, I’d say that I knew I didn’t always love what everyone else said was “trending”, but I went along with them to fit in. When the wallet no longer allowed that, I started dressing more and more for myself. I have always admired the 60s, both for the societal and fashion movements. I dress for each day; I know what I like when I see it. I find happiness in the feeling of confidence that can be expressed by highlighting human beauty through fashion. It is an art.”

What is your modeling experience thus far and do you have any aspirations to pursue a career in modeling?

“I haven’t had much experience, but a few Taco Johns ads can be proudly added to my resume. I recently talked an owner of Select Model Management, an agency I have worked with for about two years, and she is introducing me to someone else in the industry. I have no idea what all that entails, but I am beyond excited! As naive as it may be, I would love to model as I get older, if I have the opportunity. It is an entirely different world, full of unimaginably talented people, something that I would be honored to be a part of.”

What kinds of posts do you create on your blog?

“My blog posts mainly consist of the thoughts that I formulate in my observations of humanity. I know that sounds odd, or maybe just an excessively worded statement, but that is honestly what it is for me.”

What gives you the courage to express yourself in the manner you do on such a public platform?

“I would say that I share because I know I can’t be the only one thinking these thoughts. And if by some chance I am, I need to at least let one person know that I thought about it. I don’t want to be the silence in humanity, because it’s when we’re silent that the most damage is done.”

Click here for the link to Sara’s blog