NSAA Journalism Qualifications

Gabby Giesler, Feature Editor

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20 qualifications across 11 categories – this year, the Skutt Catholic Journalism Department has a real chance of earning some authentic hardware. Yes, an actual state NSAA medal and trophy are awarded just like at state football. NSAA state journalism qualifications usually aren’t prosperous for Skutt Catholic, but this year we are the third most qualified school across the board.
The journalism department consists of the yearbook and newspaper staff. Both teams have been working their tails off to get to this point. Like most teams, both practice to qualify. Each “practice” consists of an article or a spread that is graded by Mr. Elliott. The yearbook staff worked steadily until 3am to meet the yearbook deadline. This year, they’re the real deal.
Categories among NSAA state journalism range from headlines,to photos, to layouts, to incredibly long articles called “In Depth.” The state qualifiers for In Depth include seniors Michaela Farley, Rachel Podraza, Paige Ourada, juniors Hannah Klemme and myself, sophomore Kayley Anderson, and freshman Tom Hermanek, who also qualified in Feature writing.
Senior Editor-in-Chief Rachel Podraza also qualified in Advertising and Layout. Senior Paige Ourada qualified in Editorial Writing and Headline Writing. Senior Luke Pavel qualified in Layout. The newspaper staffs’ talented seniors will hopefully lead the class to victory at the competition April 27.
Yearbook qualified in Advertising via senior Editor-in-Chief Sammy Laham, Yearbook Layout via senior Suzanne Onkka and junior Heather Schumacher, and Yearbook Sports Feature Writing via seniors Olivia Ek and Suzanne Onkka.
The best yearbook theme yet, road trip, also qualified. Under the category entitled, “Yearbook Theme Development”, seniors Sammy Laham, Suzanne Onkka, and Sydney Rhen qualified.
Outsiders also qualified, including photography pros senior Evan Meduna and Abby Nicholas. Their photos contributed to the Photo Illustration category. Considering how breathtakingly incredible their photos turn out, the two have a fair chance at earning some awards.
Freshman Max Korensky qualified in Editorial Cartooning. Some of the other qualifications include stick figures, so if anyone wins it should be him.
With state journalism just a few weeks away, the staff of yearbook and newspaper are buckling down to prepare themselves for the competition. Practicing creative headlines, layouts, photos even. The creative juices need to be flowing now more than ever as the teams prepare to hopefully win.