A Parade of Promposal

Popping this question never seems to lose its creativity among high school students

Hannah Klemme, Entertainment Editor

The term “promposal” sells nothing short of what it sounds like. Prom is a big milestone in a person’s life, and apparently so is the way they get asked. Flowers, posters, costumes, food, and much more aid people when they ask the big question. It’s hard to be original with all the humorous and eventful promposals seen on the Internet, but somehow, most guys are creatively coming up with their own ways to invite their special person to this spectacular event.

We have seen the infamous quote, “If this gets 1000 retweets, will you go to prom with me?” more than enough times to know there is a lack in creativity for some people. Although most of these social media savvy people do this out of a joking matter, it really makes you wonder how they might ask someone face to face. The guys here at Skutt Catholic are keeping up the creativity when it comes to finding a prom date. Whether it be sweet, simple, or even a bit strange, these guys know what it takes to score the perfect promposal.

Junior Michael White showed his innovative side when asking his girlfriend, sophomore Amanda Pohlman, to prom. “So I basically customized a puzzle with a bunch of pictures of us on it then in the middle had a note asking her to prom, and then I asked her if she wanted to make a puzzle and we put it together together!”

Michael also witnessed a second promposal when he assisted junior Nick Bouda in asking Nikki White. While on a family trip to Florida over spring break, Nick was able to ask Nikki on the beach, the most perfect location possible. “We were all in Florida and I distracted Nikki while he put shells in the shape of prom on the sand next to the ocean and then I brought her back and she saw it and said yes!” said White.


Senior Kaelie Lenz was able to ask one of her good friends to the dance in a super creative way. Not only is Kaelie a fantastic runner in the Skutt Catholic community, but she also keeps up her hard work outside of school. She was able to use this to her advantage when asking her best friend to prom. “I wanted to ask my best friend to prom with something that had to do with runnaing. I used a new app called ‘Map my Run’ and I realized I could spell out the word prom with the route from my neighborhood!” said Lenz. Now if that isn’t original, I’m not sure what is.image


You can never go wrong with a good pun. Senior Trey Mendlik knows this for a fact. When asking Caitlin Rerucha to the dance, he spelled out prom with red solo cups and had a poster that said, “Don’t let me go solo…Prom?” A very clever way to ask and super ‘punny’ to say the least. Along with a good pun, a well-thought punch line can do the trick as well. For example, when senior Ben Wenke asked junior Heather Schumacher, he incorporated the theme of the energy drink Red Bull, loved by Schumacher. To accompany a pack of Red Bull was a sign that said, “Red Bull gives me wings… It would be fly if you go to prom with me.”





Although clever catchlines are sure to win the eyes of those soon to be asked dates, there’s never a doubt for a sweet, sentimental promposal. Junior Ryker Dischler and Laura Speer have been together since freshman year. After the multiple years of being a couple, they seemed to have accumulated a multitude of pictures together. To make something special of all those memories, Ryker made a montage of photos to ask Laura to prom. “I just thought how Laura and I have all these pictures of us and wanted to do something with them! So I thought to make a mosaic and I put all the pictures we had from the last two and a half years,” said Dischler.

While girls fuss over finding a dress, guys fret about the ideal way to ask their lady to prom. A little advice to those stressed SkyHawks waiting for an idea to appear out of thin air: don’t think too hard about it. You don’t have to go above and beyond and spend a ton of money to impress someone. By simply incorporating some inside jokes or a common interest, you’re sure to land an awesome date.