Billie Eilish Album Release Skyrockets her into the Spotlight

17-year-old alternative artist shares new take on a world of firsts

Billie Eilish recent photo shoot

Photo by Jemima Webber

Billie Eilish recent photo shoot

Emma Brisbois, Managing Editor

Billie Eilish has been a well-known name on the Alternative and Indie music charts since her break-out single “Ocean Eyes” was released in 2016. Since then, the artist has released two albums. Her first being “Don’t Smile at Me” took a new spin on Electropop with her soft vocals and experimental layering. Her latest album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO” takes a look at Eilish’s personal life, while experimenting with thumping bass lines and her lilting, almost whiny singing voice.

Eilish explained that she’d struggled with depression throughout most of her life, giving the album a melancholy sound. Minor keys, echoing, ghostly vocals, and soft piano adds to the sheer sadness that some songs give off. With the help of her brother and producer, Finneas O’Connor, the duo explain much of the heartbreak that had gone on in the young artist’s life. “Bury a Friend” details the rollercoaster of depression that Eilish experienced after the death of her dear friend and fellow musician, XXXTENTACION.

She explained the life after his death, the depression, sleep paralysis, and existentialism that she fell into, all over a thumping drum line. Eilish’s voice is heavily autotuned in this track, most lines consist of her talking with a mere melodic lilt to her voice. For a song that contains so much real feeling, the edited vocals, sound effects, and predictable melody detract from the true soul put into this track. Although the funky drum line adds a never-been-done feeling to this track.

The song “bad guy” is another song that contains the same speak-singing, at a volume that almost falls at a whisper. The repetition of this song, while with a interesting bass guitar heavy beat, makes the track rather unsatisfactory when compared up against more complex tracks on this album. This song just seems a bit too close to other tracks like “bury a friend” and “ilomilo” that share this type of style.

Although, much of her pleasant singing voice is showcased on tracks like “8”, “listen before i go”, and “when the party’s over”. These three tracks showcase the musician’s natural, silky singing voice, layered with backing tracks made with the singer’s own voice. These songs are something that feel original, something completely Billie, if you will. These tracks are completely unique to this musician’s style and rank right up there with “Ocean Eyes” from her previous album.

Although, “wish you were gay” also displays these abilities, this song felt typical and caused some uproar within the LGBT community. There really wasn’t a reason to wish another sexual orientation on a past romantic partner. To much of the public, the chorus on this particular track made Eilish seem rather inconsiderate and selfish.

Overall, if you’re looking for an album to cry to this would definitely be one for you. “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO” provides a good look at any stereotypical teenager’s life, with harsh bass lines and soothing vocals. Although falling short of being completely original, Eilish’s album experiments with interesting sampling and fresh melodies.

Emma Brisbois

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