Holocaust Survivor Adresses Student Body

Holocaust survivor recounts her experience to Skutt Catholic students.


Clara Pohlman, Feature Editor

March 29- Magda Brown with the Illinois Holocaust Memorial Education Bureau spoke to the entirety of the Skutt Catholic population this morning at an all school assembly.

Mrs Brown shared her accounts of the Holocaust in great detail. She included facts about infamous German leader, Adolf Hitler as well as recounting her time and experience in Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Her compelling story of losing her family members, horror accounts from inside the camp, and her venture to America led students with many questions of her life.

Magda’s speech concluded with inviting students to ask any questions they might have of her life or the Holocaust in general. Multiple students took advantage of this time, and the the student body was able to gain further insight to the terror that surrounded the Holocaust.

Mrs Brown’s accounts led many teachers and students to tears, and most definitely left many thoughts on their hearts. She left Skutt Catholic with many thoughts to muster, one of the most prevalent being, “think before you hate.”

Magda remphasized the sheer importance of loving one another to ensure that something of this horrifying nature never happens again. Her speech was simple and her message was clear, just love.

Clara Pohlman

Clara joined the Flightline in August of 2017. She is a senior this year, involved in speech, show choir, and theatre. Outside of school she loves working as a princess for children's birthday parties. You can email her at [email protected]