Skutt Catholic Art Field Trip

The annual art field trip proves to be just as much fun as it is educational


Photo by Emma Brisbois

Emma Brisbois, Managing Editor

March 21 — Every year in the spring, Skutt Catholic’s art department takes a field trip to all of the coolest art locations around the city of Omaha. This usually means a trip to Jocelyn, Hot Shops, and the yearly lunch stop at Spaghetti Works in the Old Market. This year, the trip was jam-packed with many more locations, artists, and learning experiences.


The first stop on the trip was to Hot Shops, a studio in which freelance artists can sell and display their works. The art students got to experience the magic of glass blowing and pottery throwing as there were two demonstrations, as well as a self-guided tour that the students could partake in.


Next, the students went to a local artist duo’s studio, Amy and Judy Haney. They were able to show the students their amazing print work and abstract paintings. From there, the students traveled to Kaneko and experienced a display about the complexity of the Human Condition.


Gallery 1516 was the group’s next stop, they were able to tour a building that housed eight of the best women artists in Nebraska. They learned all about the struggle of women to be recognized in a male-dominated career path.


After this, the students headed to lunch and then to the Joslyn Art Museum. Here, the students were given the opportunity to go through a special, traveling exhibit that displayed the bias of African Americans in the media. It was full of black artists’ work who were showing their feelings about the white-dominance of western culture.


After learning about such powerful works of art, it’s no wonder that art is able to take this field trip every year.


Emma Brisbois

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