Skutt Catholic Community Affected by Flooding

As flooding in Nebraska escalates, families of the Skutt Catholic community are pushed from their homes.


Photo by Zoe Clark

Flooding Near Waterloo

Emma Brisbois, Managing Editor

March 19 — Over the recent weeks, melting of snow and excessive rainfall in Nebraska have caused intense flooding. This problem is especially bad in more rural parts of Omaha and outside the city, in places like Elkhorn, Wahoo, and Waterloo. Flooding continues to displace families, destroying homes, roads, and areas of farmland.


The grave reality of the flooding didn’t really take hold in the mind’s of the Skutt Catholic students, until people in the community began experiencing serious problems. Chunks of students’ backyards began disappearing, pieces of patios and decks began being carried away in the water, and students began having to evacuate their homes. Forced to stay in hotels or at friends’ houses, the community became very aware of the damage the excess water was causing to the city, and their classmates’ lives.


One student affected by this flooding, Senior Zoe Clark, gives her personal thoughts on the matter. “The flood just came out of nowhere,” Clark said. “The road to our house is ruined, but our house stayed above. The Skutt Catholic community hs been so supportive and helpful during this time, we are truly blessed,” Clark said.


Today, Skutt Catholic held a charity dress down day, all of the donations go to the victims of the flooding. The community of Skutt Catholic is doing everything that it can to help its students in need.


Emma Brisbois

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