New Zealand Tightens Gun Laws

After mass shooting New Zealand will reform their gun laws

Photo by Carl Court

Blaine Wikoff, Media Editor

On Friday, March 15th one of the worst terrorist attacks in New Zealand’s history happened in two different churches in Christchurch. It is believed the gunman attacked on a Friday afternoon because mosques are busiest on Fridays. It was also discovered that he had shared extremist videos online containing anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments, which would explain his targeted group. Social media apps such as twitter, Facebook and YouTube have had questions raises regarding their control over the site, since they weren’t able to prevent the live stream from the shooter or get down all of his content.

So far it has been announced that 50 people have been killed, and 50 others were wounded in this attack. Police have announced that the shootings were very carefully planned in advance.

The prime minister of New Zealand, Prime Minister Ardern announces that gun laws would change in accordance to the attack. The last terrorist attack even close to the devastation was a shooting 30 years ago when a man killed 30 people in a shooting rampage. When that shooting occurred gun laws were changed, and they haven’t had as much of a problem with gun laws as America has been struggling with.

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Blaine Wikoff

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