Senior Retreat Impacts

Seniors attend final retreat

Nathan Fletcher, Graphics Editor

Monday, September 20, 2019 — the senior class attended their final retreat at Skutt Catholic. Upon arrival at the faux western town that would serve as a host for the next 11 hours, the seniors were escorted into a gymnasium where they were put into small groups and completed the first of many team-building activities: a jigsaw puzzle. The groups then disbanded for snack time (my favorite part of the retreat: Oreos for breakfast) and a short discussion with their groups, during which time seniors received a letter they had wrote to themselves during the freshman retreat.


After group reflection, students were allowed to spend a short amount of time in the way they felt best, whether it was going for a nature walk with one of the retreat leaders, playing frisbee in the gym, or standing next to a piano wishing you’d taken lessons when you were younger.


After free time, Fr. Harrison held Mass. The ceremony concluded the morning activities; afterwards was lunch. With full bellies, the seniors were ready to partake in another group discussion and prepare a skit to share with the class. In a tight contest, “Beauty and the Beast” ended up beating “Cinderella” by judges’ preference.


After the competition, a game of “Forced Choices” was played. In this activity, students were asked a question and told to go to a certain part of the room depending on their answer. Questions ranged from “Are you introverted or extroverted” to “Is God real?” After the latter question, groups were divided up based on their answers and sent to participate in different activities, such as singing worship music and having meaningful discussions.


After the larger group activities was another small group activity. Students received a second letter, this time from their parents (shh… it’s a surprise), and went to dinner. After dinner, the groups came together to burn a cross. This symbolized letting past grievances go and finding forgiveness in the love of Jesus Christ. The retreat ended with a prayerful reflection on the future and a few words from students who were inspired to speak.

Nathan Fletcher

Nathan became a member of The Flightline in August of 2017. He is a senior this year, involved in cross country, track, and drama, and can be found watching movies outside of school. You can email him at [email protected]