Omaha Flooding Escalates

The record flooding in the Omaha area causes upheaval from citizens.


Photo by AP

A road is flooded near Ceresco, Neb., Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Forecasters say major flooding is likely in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa over the next couple days and some rural roads already had to be closed after being covered with water. The National Weather Service says this week's significant rain is especially problematic because much of the region is still covered by a blanket of snow and the ground is still frozen, so the rail flows right into streams and rivers. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Clara Pohlman, Social Media Editor

March 14- Due to the copious amounts of snow and rainfall experienced this past weekend, Omaha is currently facing the worst flooding seen in the city’s history. A flood warning has been in affect since Wednesday, March 13, and is expected to last through next week. Nebraska has not experienced such flooding since 2011, nearly eight years ago.

Neighborhoods being affected are evacuating, and the National Guard is on call to help citizens get out of their homes safely. While Omaha is being greatly affected, small towns in Nebraska are getting the worst of the water rising. Towns like Norfolk are completely unaccessible to enter or exit. This poses an enormous threat to safety but thanks to local firefighters and police stations, the towns are asked to remain above ground.

Nebraska’s neighbors to the east, Iowa, are also said to experience such disaster as their pipelines and running water may soon be cut off to the general public. All in all, the flooding poses an incredible threat to safety, and citizens are being asked to plan ahead, considering the worst possible outcomes in order to be fully prepared.


Clara Pohlman

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