Fostering Student Support Starts with the Staff

Why teachers should promote student support of extracurricular activities

Alaina Anderson, Supervising Editor

Fifty-nine– That is the number of extracurricular activities available at Skutt Catholic High School. Being involved in one of these 59 opportunities requires an immense amout of dedication and hard work; students should appreciate and support this hard work of other students, and we, The Flightline, believe that all educators should encourage this support.

Promoting this support can be especially difficult for teachers when student supporters have to miss school in order to attend a game or a meet. In our experience, most teachers would prefer to have their students in class, as opposed to missing class to support other students; however, that attitude neglects to acknowledge an important part of high school: the community atmosphere.

At Skutt Catholic, we have always been told that we are like a family, and, in a family, each member supports the others. Therefore, if we truly are striving to be similar to a family, then teachers should not discourage other students from attending competitions by saying that students should think twice about missing school or by not accepting their work that is due the day that they missed.

By threatening the students’ grades, educators are failing to promote a supportive atmosphere for students. Without this supportive atmosphere, students can be discouraged from pursuing their passions through extracurricular activities because they can feel as though their work and passion unappreciated by the rest of the school

All 59 of the athletic and academic activities deserve the same support from their peers. This peer support starts with the teachers’ encouragement; with this encouragement from educators, we will achieve a more supportive atmosphere in which students can continue to succeed.

Alaina Anderson

Alaina joined The Flightline in January of 2017. She is a junior this year and is involved in softball, student council and HOSA. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and going on mission trips. You can email her at [email protected]