College Basketball Coach Involved in Deadly Accident

Legendary coach under investigation after accident


Photo by The Real Orange Twitter

Jim Boeheim

Cole Mingo, Staff Reporter

On the night of Wednesday, Feb. 20, Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim hit and killed a man with his car on his way home from a basketball game in Syracuse, New York. The victim was identified as 51-year-old Jorge Jimenez. Jimenez had been driving on I-690 when him and his three other passengers spun out of control and slammed into a guardrail. As Jimenez exited his vehicle and headed toward the median for safety, Boeheim collided with Jimenez before Boeheim had a chance to apply the brakes.

Police have investigated Boeheim regarding if alcohol or distracted driving played a role in the incident. No criminal charges have come to light, and the coach has cooperated fully with authorities. “I am heartbroken that a member of our community died as a result of last night’s accident.” said Boeheim.

Speculation as to whether Boeheim would coach his team on Feb. 23 against the Duke Blue Devils was answered as Boeheim stepped onto the court minutes before tipoff. Before the game began, a moment of silence was held to honor the deceased Jimenez. “My decision to coach this game, all I can say is, I felt the responsibility and obligation to my players, the members of my basketball team.” said Boeheim. The Orange’s turnout in its match against legendary Coach Mike Krzyzewski broke the ‘Cuse’s attendance record with a total of 35, 642 attendees. “The environment, and getting the community together like that was really cool.” said Boeheim’s son Buddy Boeheim.

Despite the rallying crowd, Duke defeated Syracuse by a score of 75-65. The Orange will travel to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to face the Tar Heels on Feb. 26. Boeheim will coach the remainder of the season barring any unforeseen circumstances. When asked on the impact of the accident, Boeheim said the following: “This is something that will be with me, for the rest of my life.”