New Football League Shines on Inaugural Week One

The Alliance of American Football appears akin to the NFL G-League


Photo by Alliance Twitter

AAF Teams

Cole Mingo, Staff Reporter

Don’t fret football fanatics, the Alliance of American Football will have you watching your favorite sport for the next two and a half months.

On Feb. 9 2019, the brainchild of filmmaker Charlie Ebersol and former NFL general manager Bill Polian took its first steps as the new league’s first ever games kicked off. At seven o’clock central time, the San Diego Fleet faced the San Antonio Commanders, while the Atlanta Legends battled the Orlando Apollos. The following day, the Memphis Express took the field against the opposing team, the Birmingham Iron. Finally, to close Week One, the Arizona Hotshots hosted the Salt Lake City Stallions.

The AAF is intended to be a developmental league for the NFL. However, there are notable rule changes that differ from the traditional NFL regulations. There are no kickoffs; possessions that start halves or are the result of an opponent’s score will begin at a team’s own twenty-five yard line. A team must attempt a two-point conversion after scoring a touchdown. A team must convert a fourth and twelve in place of an onside kick. These rules and a few other alterations are designed to increase player safety.

The season will consist of ten regular season games and a four team playoff in the postseason. The championship match is slotted for Apr. 27 in Las Vegas, Nevada. AAF games will be televised, appearing on CBS Networks, NFL Networks, TNT, and Bleacher Report Live.

Despite the lack of notoriety, the AAF does boast its share of prominent players and coaches: Trent Richardson, Steve Spurrier, Mike Singletary, Trevor Knight, Christian Hackenberg, and six former Nebraska Cornhuskers inhibit the league. In addition, past Husker head football coach Mike Riley holds the same position for the San Antonio Commanders.

The Alliance of American Football creates opportunities for young athletes vying for NFL futures, while players cut from NFL teams can still prove their worth. For the typical football junkie, these eight new teams expand football viewership an extra three months and showcase distinguished players and coaches. In spite of not exhibiting the same caliber of machismo as the National Football League, the AAF will prove to be a vital springboard for players, coaches, and referees aspiring to make the jump to the next level. Tune in on Saturdays and Sundays to the aforementioned networks to see the league in action!