Why Money Management Classes Should be Mandatory

Reasons why Skutt Catholic should require students to take a money management class


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Money management skills are essential for everday life and should be required to take in school.

Gracie Killgore, Op/Ed Editor

Skutt Catholic presents many excellent classes in all fields of study; however, some of the classes students must take in order to graduate are not always practical. Although classes such as art and Character Skills are valuable classes to take, they are not necessary for many careers.

Learning how to manage one’s money is an essential life skill that everyone can utilize. I know that at the moment I will have to rely on my parents for financial advice when it comes to making large purchases such as a car and a house. Personal finance actions such as filing taxes, budgeting, basic savings, and the danger of debt should be taught to all students.

Due to the high expense of college, most college students find themselves in loads of student loans and debt. A money management class could teach how to handle this debt and how important it is to be debt free. Many people in college apply for credit cards without understanding the payment plans or penalty interest rates if payments are late, causing a black hole of debt.

A basic understanding of investments would be another excellent topic to learn in a basic money class required by the school. Investing in our stock market utilizing 401k plans while young will help us be prepared for our retirement.

Skutt Catholic offers an optional course named Financial Literacy that discusses the above topics. Financial Literacy teaches students to effectively manage money through studying compensation and benefits, income taxes, budgets, and banking services. The class also offers knowledge in the American economy as well as wise credit use, saving, and investing.

Although I have not taken Financial Literacy, I wish Skutt Catholic would require all students to take the course or one similar. Perhaps instead of two semesters of Character Skills, one of those semesters could be used learning the importance of money and basic money skills.

Gracie Killgore

Gracie joined The Flightline in January of 2018. She is a junior this year, involved in tennis, HOSA and FBLA . Outside of school, she enjoys online shopping, hanging out with friends and watching Netflix. You can email her at [email protected]