Rock Climbing Club: Explained

Afterschool conditioning unites Skyhawks of all interests


Photo by Steve Carroll

Cole Mingo, Staff Reporter

The time has come to clarify all mysteries and misconceptions about this particular extracurricular activity.

Participants in Rock Climbing Club, despite its name, do not frequently engage in rock climbing itself. Rather, rock climbing is the reward that participants can earn by showing up every day and conditioning themselves in some way. One misconception is that the club is only for those who plan to run track and field in the spring. Yes, it is true a large majority of participants use the time after school to prepare for track season; but, members of the club are not exclusively track and field athletes. In all reality, Rock Climbing Club offers students an opportunity to stay in shape while being able to spend time with friends. “Rock Climbing Club is a great form of winter conditioning. It provides a much-needed break from schoolwork, and I enjoy getting to run with my friends.” said senior participant Andrew Mize.

The origins of Rock Climbing Club can be traced back to Joe Elliott, a former Skutt Catholic track coach and journalism teacher. The club was formed to give students the chance to train for their respective spring activities, while offering the camaraderie of running, lifting, and rock climbing together. Today, the club is headed by head track coach Steve Carroll and assistant coaches Mike Mingo and Wade Devries. “We have big plans on the track this season, and the offseason is an important time to set us up for success,” said Coach Mingo.

The season of winter is accompanied by the stress and drudgery of returning to school for the second semester. Perhaps the best way to alleviate one’s scholarly anxieties is to pop on by Rock Climbing Club and work off all pressing troubles. The club meets Monday through Friday after school at 3:30 outside the weight room during the winter season. “Rock Climbing Club is an upward battle that is exhausting, but when I’m done I feel accomplished,” said Rock Climbing Club officer Luke Bennett.