“Fantastic Beasts” is Fantastically Average

Contrary to the title, the movie was not very fantastic

Photo by Warner Bros

Blaine Wikoff, Media Editor

Harry Potter is a movie franchise loved by all generations. Unfortunately, the second installment of the new Harry Potter spin-off series thoroughly disappointed me. “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald is a prequel to the original Harry Potter stories that tells the adventures of magical zoologist Newt Scamander, who has a bottomless briefcase filled with magical creatures. In this movie Newt is introduced to the Voldemort of his time, Grindelwald. Grindelwald’s goal is to reveal the magic community to the no-majs (non-magic people) and be their overlords.

An issue I had with the movie was how predictable the plot was. As a huge Harry Potter fan growing up I always have always enjoyed the twists and turns the stories would take you on. I did not feel that way at all for this movie. This movie felt forced, and every part of the plot was very foreshadowed and obvious. There was only one time I felt genuinely surprised by an event in the plot.

Another problem I had with the film was how stretched the story felt. Most of the dialogue and scenes felt unnecessary. To me this kind of added on to how this extra franchise seemed to instead be more of a ploy to get more money than anything. I wish they would have left the Harry Potter franchise be, because the ending to me was perfect.

One positive thing I have to say about the movie is how well the movie looked visually and how well the actors portrayed their characters. The movie is centered around magic so a lot of it had to be CGI, and it looked phenomenal.

Overall I thought the movie has great potential but it ultimately failed. There were some good aspects to the movie but there were too many faults for me to appreciate it as a whole.

Blaine Wikoff

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