“Twenty One Pilots” are Back With Refreshing New Album “Trench”

After a brief hiatus Twenty One Pilots are back and better than ever


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Lead singer Tyler Joseph singing mid-concert.

Blaine Wikoff, Media Editor

Trench, the newest album from energetic duo Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, otherwise known as Twenty One Pilots, shows their maturity as musicians, brings a new era of sound and adds to the storyline of their albums.

When the album came out I went in with a skeptic attitude, considering how different Jumpsuit is from their regular material and the amount of artists selling out these days. After listening I was thoroughly surprised and thrilled. Not only did they manage to grow out of their regular sound, they had very obviously grown as musicians. Ditching more of the classic ukulele sound, they used more bass riffs and synths to produce a hardened, more mature sound.

Their previous album Blurryface had a more of a hopeless theme, Trench provides a common theme of independence. It feels more as if they are trying to portray their maturity as not only musicians but also as adults who are figuring things out for themselves. As a teenager who has to figure out what I am doing for the rest of my life in the next couple months, this was inspiring to me.

I also really enjoyed the lore of this album. Every music video is connected, and has been connected since their album Vessel. They create characters that represent certain personality traits for themselves that you hear throughout the album. It shows how creative they have become while also not making it cheesy.

The only thing I didn’t like about this album was one song, Nico and the Niners. It sounded incredibly rushed as if they decided to make a song the day before it was due. Also, the vocals sound too awkward for me to just ignore.

Despite its flaws this album was incredibly well written, and it was very refreshing to hear some new, non-sellout music.

Blaine Wikoff

Blaine joined The Flightline in January of 2018. He is a senior this year, involved in show choir, theatre, cross country, rock climbing club and band. Outside of school he plays bass, watches movies, plays video games and listens to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You can email him at [email protected]