North and South Korea Reach Missile Agreement

Kim and Moon agree to shut down launch site.


Photo by Nathan Fletcher

Jong-un and Jae-in come to an agreement on the shutdown of missile launch site

Maddie Mollner, Flightline Editor-in-Chief

Sept. 19, 2018 — This morning a meeting was held between the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and the leader of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, regarding the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Tongchang-ri, the missile-launching facility, has been North Korea’s primary nuclear testing facility since 2012. It is now scheduled to be permanently closed, and, according to satellite images, is in the process of being destroyed, according to BBC News.

North Korea and the United States countries have attempted to reach peace agreements in the past, to no avail. Negotiations regarding nuclear warfare have stalled between Kim and President Trump since earlier this year, bringing the broad-termed agreements to a halt. This shutdown agreement has paved the way for long-term establishment of peaceful relations between North Korea and the United States.

Maddie Mollner

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