GrandHawks’ Day Tradition Continues

Celebratory mass and breakfast proceeds without a hitch

Emma Brisbois, Managing Editor

21 September 2018 — Every year, the tradition of “GrandHawks’ Day” is carried out. Students from Skutt Catholic are invited to bring their grandparents to a celebration of mass and a brunch of pastries, coffee, juice, and cookies afterward.

The mass set up was a bit different than usual, students’ grandparents seated in chairs on the gym floor, and students sitting on the surrounding bleachers. Many grandparents greeted each other, reunited after an entire year of not seeing one another. The mass service proceeded as normal; most of the teachings revolved around family and Father Harrison’s homily preached of the importance of grandparents.

After mass, grandparents were invited to accompany their grandchildren to the commons, where tables with the aforementioned foods and drinks were available for the student and GrandHawk pair.

“I loved hanging out with my grandparents after mass,” Junior Molly Harper said. “It was nice to finally catch up with them, because I just don’t see them very often or as often as I would like to,” Harper said.

“My grandparents enjoyed getting the opportunity to spend time with me,” senior Erica Neesen said. “It was super fun to be able to see them and spend some time just catching up with my grandparents.”

“It was fun to see the video honoring our grandparents,” sophomore Emily Swoboda said. “And I also loved how they did a GrandHawks blessing at mass.”

With each passing year and the aging of our GrandHawks, it’s nice to set aside a day to appreciate the importance of our grandparents.

Emma Brisbois

Emma joined The Flightline in August of 2017. She is a senior this year, involved in cheerleading and show choir. Outside of school, she enjoys going to concerts, playing the piano and hanging out with friends. You can email her at [email protected]