Hurricane Florence Nears

The east coast prepares for the impending tropical storm


Photo by Chicago Tribune

A satellite shows the immensity of the hurricane

Andrew Mize, Sports Editor

Sept. 12, 2018– Natural disaster are an occurrence that society has come to accept. We prepare for the worst, but usually nothing that drastic happens. Although, an impending hurricane is quickly approaching the east coast of the United States.

This storm is unlike any normal hurricane because it is projected to span from southern Ohio to southern Georgia, covering about eight states. Experts say that this storm could affect around ten million people, while causing destruction to properties and any life in its way. People have been preparing for Hurricane Florence by flocking to grocery and hardware stores to protect their houses as much as they possibly can. Stores have little to no supplies and gas stations are nearing empty, causing mass chaos. ‘I was driving around forever looking for gas stations that actually had gas left and to took me two hours to find one. Gas prices are already skyrocketing. Also, a regular thirty minute drive took me more than two hours. It’s crazy,” said Cruz Gandy, a Carolina native. The people in the path of the storm have been told to evacuate, or have their lives be put in serious danger.

Hurricane Florence is projected to hit the hardest in the Carolinas later this week and weekend and then continue into the early part of next week.

This storm is looking to be one of the worst hurricanes to hit the United States in a while and will affect lots of people in property damage and other costs throughout all of the cities affected. For the safety of everyone, Hurricane Florence can hopefully cause as little damage as possible to the people affected. 

Andrew Mize

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