Westroads Mall Adds Dry Goods USA to Store Selection

New fashion outlet offers old fashioned customer service with a modern spin

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Westroads Mall Adds Dry Goods USA to Store Selection

Adella Smolsky, Birdfeed Editor

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In Omaha’s Westroads Mall, where one may have expected to find Omaha’s last Abercrombie and Fitch store, now stands an up-and-coming boutique: Dry Goods USA.

Dry Goods is owned by retail chain Von Maur and is comparable to their junior’s clothing selection. The department store owns 27 of these boutiques located in the Midwest; the company is expanding these smaller stores because they are easier to maintain than a larger, more traditional department store.

“We are a spin-off of Von Maur’s Juniors Department. We’re their boutique,” said store employee, Makayla. “We’re owned by Von Maur but we’re still a separate store,” Makayla said.

“Von Maur’s Junior Department was one of their most sought-after departments and then that’s why they decided to do a spin-off of the vast majority of their junior sized clothing. But our store carries different things than they do, too,” said Makayla.

Students of Skutt Catholic are now becoming very intrigued with Dry Goods. The store is sorted by color, and their wide selection of clothing allows the store to meet everyone’s needs.

One of the things that sets the shopping outlet apart from other boutiques in Omaha, is the sale selection at Dry Goods. Towards the back of the store, near the fitting rooms, is where the clearance section is located; shoppers can buy items for 60 percent off, 75 percent off, and up to 90 percent off.

The retail branch of the fashion industry is moving more towards these smaller boutique shops and away from larger stores, in order to provide a more unique experience for shoppers.

Adella Smolsky

Adella joined the Flightline in January of 2018. She is a senior this year, involved in show choir, theatre and student council. Outside of school she is involved in Omaha Fashion Week. You can contact her at [email protected]