9/11 Prayer Service Offers New Intention

Students partake in annual commemoration of the terrorist attacks that occurred 17 years ago

Adella Smolsky, Birdfeed Editor

Today students of Skutt Catholic participated in the annual September 11th prayer service to commemorate the terrorist attacks that occurred 17 years ago.
Students went out into the halls during the announcement period for the service.
“Different students came and read a prayer that had been written by Megan Snow, while other students were holding candles just to help people as they were praying to have something to look at and direct attention towards,” said campus minister Ms. Christine French.
The service was started back in 2001. “Mrs. Johnson who used to be an English teacher here did (the prayer service) spontaneously the day after 9/11.” French said. “She said that we are a Catholic school and we need to be praying. So this is a tradition that’s existed since 2001, when they did it on September 12. Every year since then we’ve done it on 9/11 or if it falls on the weekend, (the prayer service is held) on a close day to 9/11 in order to pray for people and to commemorate that day,” said French.
“I think this year the difference was including in praying for our enemies. That was a theme we started during last year’s prayer service that had to do with school shootings, and I think that’s something that people really struggle with, so that’s why Megan wrote it into the reflections this year,” French said.

Adella Smolsky

Adella joined the Flightline in January of 2018. She is a senior this year, involved in show choir, theatre and student council. Outside of school she is involved in Omaha Fashion Week. You can contact her at [email protected]