Online Shopping is Superior to In-Store

Why online shopping is better than in store shopping

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Gracie Killgore, Op/Ed Editor

Online shopping is probably one of the greatest advancements in modern day technology. I can literally shop anywhere I want as long as I have a device to access the internet.

A major pro of online shopping is the amount of time you can save. What could take 20 minutes to drive to the mall, an hour there, and driving 20 minutes back can be accomplished in 15 minutes online.

Online shopping is much more convenient and you can shop 24/7 without having to worry about the store closing.  Why would I want to drive to a store or the mall to use my gas and risk the potential to get in a car accident when I could simply just surf the store website in bed?

When online shopping, I can place multiple items in my shopping cart and when finished I can check the grand total of all those items. If I decide I don’t want to spend that much, I would simply remove the unnecessary items.

Shopping in-store doesn’t always give you the benefit of knowing how much you plan to spend before entering the checkout counter. Often those pants you picked out that you thought were 50% off were actually regular price.

Sitting in a gross dressing room in the mall with a shirt on that I don’t know if I should buy is a situation I try to avoid. With online shopping, I can try on the items I bought in the comfort of my bedroom. I will also pair the items I purchased with other clothes and accessories found already in my closet to see if they work well together. Sometimes you just need the right pair of pants for that shirt to look cute.

One possible negative of online shopping is sizing. Sizing can be difficult to know when shopping online; however, if you look at the size chart and read the reviews you can probably guess the correct size. If not, you can take it back to the store or simply ship it to the store to return the item.

Many stores have online exclusive sales that they do not carry in store. There have been multiple occasions when I have purchased something in store at the full price only to find later it was on sale online.

Usually, online stores offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount or if a special deal is occurring. It is way more convenient to have clothes shipped free to my house without having to drive to the store and spend hours looking for the clothes I swiped through online.

Companies such as Amazon offer lifesaving two day shipping. I can buy something on Monday and it will come on Wednesday. There’s nothing more to say.


Gracie Killgore

Gracie joined The Flightline in January of 2018. She is a junior this year, involved in tennis, HOSA and FBLA . Outside of school, she enjoys online shopping, hanging out with friends and watching Netflix. You can email her at [email protected]