New Librarian Strives to Revamp Media Center

Library and student center to become united once again


Photo by Maddie Mollner

Home page of the Skutt Catholic Library website

Maddie Mollner, Flightline Editor-in-Chief

August 28, 2018 — With the construction of the SkyHawk Student Center, the former media center has since been forgotten. However, new librarian Mrs. Thielen is attempting to make the Skutt Catholic library’s presence well-known once again.

“I created a website that I wanted to make available to students so they can access the resources that our library offers that they may not have previously known about,” Thielen said. “The site has links to all of the online resources that we subscribe to, and I’m also working on putting together a list of links to sites like EasyBib that may just help in general,” Thielen continued.

Previously, the library didn’t have much of a web presence, if at all. Thielen created this site as a way to make reading more appealing to students and to allow them access to Skutt Catholic’s resources as well as those from the Omaha Public Library.

“I’m working in partnership with the Omaha Public Library to try to get every student a public library card so they have access to the resources that they offer that can assist them with research,” Thielen said.

For students, this partnership means access to credible sources at the tap of an iPad. As convenient as citing website sources may be, genuine print sources are ultimately more accurate and easier to cite, not to mention the meaningfulness of holding a tangible copy compared to a Wikipedia page.

Mrs. Thielen believes that library resources are invaluable to students even when school is not in session. “I want to make this information accessible to students while they’re not in the building,” Thielen said. With the new Skutt Catholic Library database, hopefully these sources can be utilized school-wide and the gap between technology and good-old-fashioned print can be closed.

Maddie Mollner

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