“Christopher Robin” is a Tear Jerking and Heartwarming Fantasy

Latest cartoon-turned-live-action is perfect for those wanting to relive their childhood


Photo by Disney

Christopher Robin Movie Poster

Blaine Wikoff, Media Editor

Some movies are heartbreaking, others are heartwarming. “Christopher Robin” is both. I went into the movie skeptical – considering I was a seventeen-year-old seeing a Winnie the Pooh movie – but I made sure to go in with an open mind. As the movie started, I began to feel like a kid again. The beginning of the movie was incredibly heartwarming, depicting a young Christopher Robin having his final meal with Winnie and all of his friends before he leaves for boarding school. Christopher promises not to forget Pooh, but of course he does.

The story revolves around an adult Christopher Robin, who is married and has a daughter, but his work is his life. Pooh ends up finding the grown-up Christopher and saves him from a mid-life crisis. I enjoyed watching Christopher open back up and act more like a kid again throughout the film because when you get to high school it starts to feel as if you have to be an adult and have your whole life put together. This movie helped the audience feel as if it was ok to let go and let your inner child out every once in a while.

Another reason why this movie was so enjoyable was how well the characters from Winnie the Pooh were portrayed. Even though they looked a little different, I felt like each character was the same from the cartoon I watched when I was little. My favorite was Character was Tigger, not only because of how accurate it felt, but how pleasing it was to watch. They did an amazing job with the CGI, and it looked like a real stuffed animal hopping around.

I only had a few issues with this movie. The first was the fact that Pooh has the spotlight out of all of Christopher’s “friends.” You get to see very limited character development from Eeyore, but besides that, it’s mostly Pooh. The second was how cliche the ending was. It was expected, but frankly, I felt dissatisfied with it.

Overall I would recommend this movie to all ages, and although it has its flaws, ‘Christopher Robin’ is a movie for any person in any stage of  life.

Blaine Wikoff

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