Mr Kasner: Athletic Director and Math Whiz

Taking a closer look at the man behind the scenes of sports and activities at Skutt Catholic

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Mr Kasner: Athletic Director and Math Whiz

Mr. Kanser sitting at his desk

Mr. Kanser sitting at his desk

Photo by Andrew Mize

Mr. Kanser sitting at his desk

Photo by Andrew Mize

Photo by Andrew Mize

Mr. Kanser sitting at his desk

Andrew Mize, Sports Editor

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Mr. Kasner is a friendly face around Skutt Catholic. From bringing water out to practices to attending show choir competitions, Mr. Kasner is always there to help out around Skutt Catholic. He is the athletic director who came to Skutt Catholic last year after Mr. Moore became president. Let’s take a closer look at the AD.

Describe yourself to me

I have over 20 years  of education and coaching experience. I was an AP calculus teacher.  I also coached basketball, track, cross country and have been in charge of activities like NHS and student council. Then, I decided to become an athletic director and here I am now.

What led you to go from a math teacher to athletic director?

Well, I was a coach for a very long time. As a coach, I mainly impacted lots of kids, but I wanted to make more of a meaningful impact like I did when I was coaching, only reach adults and everyone, not just students.

What is your favorite place to eat?

My wife and I really like to go to Bonefish Grill. We enjoy going there on Wednesdays for their half price “bang-bang shrimp.”

If you could live in any country, which would it be?

I would probably say the Bahamas. We went there for vacation and the water was so clear. Also, the atmosphere was so laid back and we didn’t really have a schedule, which was really nice. I would like to have that kind of go-with-the-flow nature more.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs. Unfortunately, I do not have any dogs. My kids and I would like one, but my wife says otherwise.

How many kids do you have?

I have two boys and a daughter.

What would your best friend say is your most prominent characteristic?

I would say that I have an uncanny ability to be positive. In all situations, I am constantly trying to find the solution and to resolve any problems that people may have.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?              

I really like to golf, fish and really do anything outdoors. I work on the lawn about three times a week because I like to keep my lawn nice and neat.

What does a regular day look like in the life of Mr. Kasner?               

My first hour of school is very busy. Coaches and teachers come to me talking about practice and their needs for an upcoming practice or anything else. I try and get to school nice and early, and I network with coaches. Sometimes I have a line of three coaches waiting outside the door. Once the bell rings, I sit down and figure out what activities that I have to do for the day. I navigate through priorities for today, but also for the future. After lunch, I help out and get things ready for practices or games p later on that day and make sure everything will run smoothly. I also try and be a face in the hallway as much as I can.

What would you say is one of your greatest achievements?          

Personally, I measure success by how the programs are doing. When I see my programs succeeding, I know I helped out in that level of success. Yes we have great coaches and players that are the main contributors, but I know I helped in that small way to get that team where it needed to be.

Do you have a favorite story from all of your years teaching or coaching?                                                  

I would have to probably say my three year run coaching Elkhorn South basketball. We reached the state tournament three years in a row. The first year we had a solid team, but the second we had probably one of the best teams that Nebraska has ever seen. We had an undefeated regular season and reached the state championship, but lost to Skutt actually, so no one remembers us despite our record season. Then the year after, we still had a decent team, but no where near the talent from the previous year. That year, we accidentally went and won the state title and that was a great memory.

Do you have any advice for students?

I would say just to make high school a good experience and to get involved, be positive and look back and know that you did things the right way and tried to make a difference at Skutt. I wish I could go back knowing now what I know and trying to find another way to make a difference would be a lasting peace.

Andrew Mize

Andrew joined the Flightline in August of 2017. He is a senior this year, involved in cross country, track, HOSA and Guardians. Outside of school, he enjoys watching football, Netflix and listening to music. You can email him at [email protected]