8 High School Hacks

Tips and tricks for Skutt Catholic survival

Hope Stratman, Features Editor

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In my four years roaming the (two) hallowed Skutt Catholic halls, I’ve learned a fair share about making it through the school year alive. Of course, experience is the best teacher in learning how to cope with the toils and joys of high school; however, today I am going to, hopefully, get you out of some of the less pleasant experiences with a few high school hacks.

1. There are always resources for those willing to look for them

As newspaper party-planner, tryhard student, and a generally involved and crazy person, I often find myself in need of supplies in the middle of a school day. But over the years, I’ve learned that Skutt Catholic is the next best thing to Target if you’re willing to ask around and do some light ‘borrowing.’ Need a plastic spoon? Ask the office ladies. Forgot a safety pin? Mr. Storm has one. Have to store food in a fridge? Try the kitchen, Ms. French, or Mrs. Twist.

2. Get used to emailing teachers

Emailing teachers may seem weird if you’re not used to it, but it is a LIFE SAVER. It enables you to ask questions, set up test make-up times, and otherwise communicate with teachers outside the classroom, which can be extremely helpful — particularly when you’ve procrastinated on a project until the night before.

3. There’s always a quiet place to study

With the hustle and bustle that seems to go on in all corners and of our school at all hours, it can be hard to find a peaceful place to sit and do homework or rest. However, if you get creative with it, there’s always a calm, quiet nook with your name on it somewhere in the school. Some of my favorites are in a small side rooms in the choir room, on the stage, in the boiler room when it’s unoccupied, in the kitchen, or in an empty classroom.

4. Get your hand-ins checked

Kleinsasser, and possibly other teachers that I’m not familiar with, offer to check your hand-in homework to make sure that all the answers are correct before you turn it in. GET. THEM. CHECKED. In a class with few grades in the grade book and a high difficulty level, points count, and hand-ins can make or break a grade. Plus, going in for hand-in help makes it easier to build up a good relationship with the teacher.

5. Get to know your guidance counselor

This is something I wish I’d done a better job of in high school. Whether you understand it now or not, guidance counselors do and can do a lot for you; they’re an asset when you’re struggling, a person to voice school-related concerns to, a guide for college, and a whole lot more; getting to know your guidance counselor can help you get access to the full extent of the services he/she offers. Also, almost every college will ask for a letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor, and building up a strong relationship can make that letter more positive and authentic.

6. If you set things in random places, they will go undisturbed 95 percent of the time

Sometimes when there’s 15 seconds left before the bell and I have to race to get to my first hour in time, I’ll just leave my backpack at the end of the hallway; or, I’ll leave my books, accordion file, and iPad out in the hall as I practice performing on the stage. And weirdly enough, I’ve never had any problems with that or had anyone steal anything, even money. This isn’t a guarantee that all of your things will stay safe, but, if you’re chronically busy or perpetually late, don’t stress out too much over dumping your things in a random location.

7. If you miss a test because of an absence, most teachers are flexible about when you take it. Use that to your advantage.

For awhile, I assumed that if I didn’t make up a test the day after I was gone, I would pretty much be expelled, publicly shamed, and fed to the alligators in the Skutt Catholic moat. But, it turns out, that really isn’t the case. Most teachers are very relaxed about when you make up a test, so plan accordingly and take it on the best day and time for you. After all, if you missed school you’re probably having a hard time with the rest of your makeup work; so if you need to take a test a couple days after, that’s probably ok. Just check with the teacher.

8. Learn Quizlet usernames

For those of you who don’t know, quizlet is a website/app in which you can make online flashcards and access others’ flashcards. It is the absolute best. Make quizlets, and learn the usernames of your grade’s avid quizlet makers. I cannot stress enough how many times other people’s quizlets saved my butt and grades.

Hope Stratman - Features Editor

Hope became a member of The Flightline in August of 2016. She is a senior this year involved in activities including Speech and FBLA. Outside of school, she enjoys lists, photography, and naming inanimate objects. You can email her at [email protected]