Timber Creek: Creating Pizza that Pleases

Cozy pizza pub wows with delicious and flavorful food.

Gracie Killgore, Staff Reporter

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Photo by Gracie Killgore
Timber Creek is located in West Omaha

Photo by Gracie Killgore
Timber Creek has a small bar area with flat screen TVs

Photo by Gracie Killgore
The Ultimate Nachos at Timber Creek were very flavorful.

Photo by Gracie Killgore
The cheese pizza had a bit of a kick to it.

Photo by Gracie Killgore
The Smokin’ BBQ Chicken pizza at Timber Creek was delicious.

Photo by Gracie Killgore
The decor of Timber Creek had a lot of wood and resembled the outdoors.

Although many Skutt Catholic students may not have heard of the recently opened Timber Creek restaurant in West Omaha, its pizza and cuisine are certainly worth talking about. The environment of the restaurant is very modern and resembles nature through wood paneling placed throughout the restaurant.

The restaurant itself was on the smaller side, with approximately twenty tables. It also had a small service bar that could seat five or six more people. The restaurant featured many big flat screen TVs which were turned to sporting events for the enjoyment of the customers. Timber Creek also offers wings, hamburgers, various appetizers, and about twelve different types of specialty pizzas. Prices were affordable and the restaurant had a casual and family- friendly environment.

The service my family and I received at Timber Creek was excellent, and our waiter frequently came to check on us and to refill our beverages. Our food came out quickly and was piping hot when we received it. We decided to order the Ultimate Nachos as an appetizer, which were blue corn chips stacked with queso, beef, red onions, jalapeños, black beans, and tomatoes. All the flavors complemented each other and I was especially fond of the queso.

After finishing the nachos, we ordered the Smokin’ BBQ Chicken Pizza and a cheese pizza. The BBQ chicken pizza was mouth-watering with a generous helping of sticky and sweet BBQ sauce with melted cheese and grilled chicken. This was probably one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. The cheese pizza was also delicious, and had a bit of a spicy kick to it.

Timber Creek tends to be busy on the weekends so if you are planning to bring your family, it may be best to do so on a weeknight.

If you are looking for a change of pace from the normal local pizza chains, Timber Creek offers a new spin on a classic dish.

Gracie Killgore

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