Students Should Strive for a Cleaner School

Picking up trash isn’t hard


Photo by Colin Fullinfaw

Butter and bacon is left after freshman lunch for work study to clean up.

Colin Fullinfaw, Copy Editor

Buying objects is a part of everyday life. Pay for it, use it and hopefully throw the wrapper away. For too long, though, trash has been left in the commons and hallways of Skutt Catholic. While there are numerous culprits, the freshmen hallway seems to be the worst part of the school. Please, pick up the trash littering the school.

Every day after freshmen lunch, a small group of about five to 10 students, sometimes numbering even less, help clean up the Commons with the help of a supervisor. While there is also an after-school work study, the amount of trash the post-lunch work study deals with is atrocious. Half-eaten sandwiches, dirty plastic plates and lunch boxes litter the once-clean floor and tables. Worst of all, this mess is almost always concentrated in one area of the room. Attempting to avoid the clutter is difficult; your shoes will get dirty while stepping through it.

Historically, freshmen have been to blame for the Commons being unnaturally dirty; however, the senior hallway has long been a breeding ground for much of the school’s garbage. Left on the carpeted floor are objects ranging from broken wooden pencils to empty energy drink cans. Leaving objects such as these to be picked up by some other kind student is the wrong way to think. It is not hard to take a second or two and pick up your trash.

Photo by Colin Fullinfaw
Trash can also be seen in the senior hallway feet away from trash bins.

While the Commons is the worst area, there are other places around the school where trash triumphs. The most obvious area is the hallway, where wrappers, crumpled pieces of paper and mechanical pencils can be found in close proximity to trash bins. Just because someone else won’t pick it up doesn’t mean no one is going to pick it up. Making it work study’s job instead of yours isn’t solving problems. That only breeds an attitude of not caring to pick up rubbish when it’s laying mere inches away from a trash bin.

Sure, it might seem like picking up pieces of trash is hard. Every infinitesimal piece of rubbish doesn’t have to be picked up; there are vacuum cleaners for a reason. Instead, before ignoring a piece of paper on the ground, think twice of the possibility of it being thrown away by someone else.

Colin Fullinfaw - Copy Editor

Colin became a member of The Flightline in August of 2017. He is a senior this year and is involved in Cross Country. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his dog, Harley. You can email him at [email protected]