Video: Student Safety Takes Priority

New lock mechanisms to tighten classroom security


Photo by Willem Schep/Student Life

Lock-Blok, one of the mechanisms being tested by Assistant Principal Michael Bailey, allows a door to be locked without opening it

Natalie Pearson, Staff Reporter

March 30, 2018 — In an effort to promote school safety and security, new locks have been added to rooms C105 and C106. These locks are called School Safe, a product that allows teachers to lock classroom doors from the inside while still being able to exit the room, should the need arise. The experimental security technology was installed as a response to student and faculty concerns about safety at Skutt Catholic.

“[The lock] was just on my door one day when I came to school,” said English teacher Ms. Sauser. “Mr. Bailey told me that my room and Ms. McNeil’s room were going to pilot this new product so teachers could see what they prefer,” Sauser explained. “I personally think the locking system is a great addition to my door and hopefully something that will be implemented across the school.”

School Safe is installed in over 500 schools across the country. It is Assistant Principal Mr. Bailey’s goal that School Safe will be installed on all classrooms in Skutt Catholic by the end of next week.

Natalie Pearson

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