9 Adorable Miniature Foods So Cute You’ll Cry

The simple joy of food on a tiny scale

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9 Adorable Miniature Foods So Cute You’ll Cry

Photo by Biba.com

Photo by Biba.com

Photo by Biba.com

Lily Yates, Quintessence Editor-in-Chief

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Humans like small things. There’s probably lots of very official science behind the instinct to protect our young and whatever else. All I know is that babies and tiny animals can turn most people to mush with baby-talk voices in no time flat. But the most underrated and arguably the MOST ADORABLE miniatures are Miniature. Foods.

If you’ve ever watched Tastemade’s Snapchat story, you know there is nothing on the planet cuter than its weekly Tiny Kitchen Tuesday (they have an oven heated by a candle, a wee little whisk, and BABY SPRINKLES). Without further ado, I give you the best of the best of the Internet’s irresistibly tiny treats.

1. This Platter of Delicious and Super-Real Looking Sushi

Photo by Pinterest

This makes me want to scream in the best way possible. Can you imagine the size of the chopsticks you’d have to use to eat each perfect little roll one by one? Sashimi? More like sash- TEENY.

2. The Drink That Needs to Be on the Secret Menu at Starbucks ASAP

Photo by aiclay.com

Okay, this is too much. You already shell out a lot of cash for your daily latte habit- but how much would you pay for this eensy-weensie coffee with a tiny straw to boot? Move over, grande. Here comes the CUTEST SIZE EVER.

3. A Breakfast in Bed That Will Make You Hungry in the Biggest Way

Photo by biba.com

This is just absolutely unreasonable. I refuse to believe this even exists. Look at the berries! The flawless sprinkle of powdered sugar on those waffles! But what really makes it are the pinky-sized fork and knife, and possibly the smallest sip of morning brew known to man.

4. These Vegetables That Would Make Any Kid Eat Their Carrots

Photo by Flickr

This is a game changer right here. You know what, scratch getting kids to eat their veggies- this is the only way I’M ever eating vegetables again. If I can’t use a penny as a plate for my tomatoes, GOODBYE tomatoes! Come back when you’re cute enough, tbh.

5. The Only Birthday Cake That Matters

Photo by indianexpress.com

I can’t handle this at all. I don’t know what it is about baby sprinkles that is just so satisfying. If you love your friend or family member and want to make them probably cry tears of joy on their birthday (but you’re also on a budget), FIND THIS CAKE AND BUY IT IMMEDIATELY.

6. This Batch of Cookies That’s Way Too Perfect to Eat

Photo by Pinterest

I’m just emotional about these cookies. Cookie dough normally looks really good, but in a bowl fit for a kitten and with that pin-sized spoon, it’s absolutely irresistible. STOP with your bad self already!

7. This Priceless, Itty-Bitty Happy Meal

Photo by aiclay.com

I wonder how many of these you’d have to eat for them to equal one normal-sized Happy Meal? I don’t know, but I’m willing to find out. Strictly for science. But maybe a little bit for those oh-so-teeny fries…

8. These Knock-Off Pringles That Would Make the Best Snack

Photo by weheartit.com

EEE! I don’t know what brand this is, but honestly I’m just so here for the sound each chip would make. No more worrying about being too loud eating Pringles around your peers! And- God bless- they even fit in your pocket. A dream come true.

9. This Pizza That Will Make You Feel Emotional About Pepperonis

Photo by Pinterest

Last but not least is this beautiful specimen. I can literally taste the buttery crust on a perfectly teeny scale. 10/10 would share with a mouse if asked.

Now that you’ve experienced the pure joy that is tiny food, go forth and prosper knowing that we exist in the same world as fingernail-sized French fries.

Lily Yates - Quintessence Editor-in-Chief

Lily became a member of The Flightline in August of 2015. She is a senior this year and enjoys an array of activities including choir, theatre and slam poetry. She is also on staff as a library aide at the Omaha Public Library. You can email her at [email protected]