Ponzu Sushi: An Unexpected Delight

Omaha sushi restaurant holds its own among competitors

Adella Smolsky, Social Media Editor

Many students at Skutt Catholic are familiar with sushi restaurants nearby, but few know of another option in Aksarben. Ponzu Sushi and Grill offers a wide variety of options on their menu, and is sure to please the whole crowd.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very modern, but still has an intimate feel to it. Our food was served quickly and the service was excellent.

Lobster Rangoons offer a unique take on classic Crab Rangoons.

For an appetizer, the lobster Rangoons are a wonderful option. When first brought out, the edges looked burnt, however this did not affect the taste of the Rangoon. I could taste the lobster pretty strongly, which was surprising, considering that the taste most Crab Rangoons is predominantly wonton and cream cheese. They are made fresh to order, and are bursting with flavor: garnished with a carrot-cabbage slaw and a pineapple sweet and sour sauce.



Coconut Chicken Salad with pungent wasabi taste.

The Coconut Chicken Salad was comprised of avocado, tomato, red onion, edamame, almonds, wasabi cucumber dressing, and a raspberry jalapeño sauce. The chicken was fried in panko and coconut, a unique but surprisingly delicious combination. The wasabi taste in the dressing was very strong, however it was not a spicy salad overall.




Berry Bomb Roll (left) and Rising Sun Roll (right) are flavorful cooked options on ponzu’s sushi menu.


When the rolls came out, I noticed that they were relatively larger than rolls I have ordered at other sushi restaurants in Omaha. The first one that I tried was the Rising Sun roll which was made of fried salmon, red pepper, cream cheese, panko and spicy mango sauce. The sauce, salmon, and pepper were a very nice combination, but the cream cheese overpowered the roll making it difficult to taste anything else.




The second roll that I tried was the Berry Bomb roll. This one had spicy crab, fried salmon, avocado, and red pepper in it, embellished with jalapeño  raspberry sauce. I enjoyed this roll because the ratio was very balanced and had a perfect amount of each ingredient.

Overall Ponzu was a delightful restaurant to visit; the large spectrum of the menu offers something for everyone. I would definitely dine there again, however I would not order the Rising Sun roll again. I’d recommend Ponzu to anyone who enjoys Sushi restaurants, but would like to try something new.

Adella Smolsky

Adella joined the Flightline in January of 2018. She is a senior this year, involved in show choir, theatre and student council. Outside of school she is involved in Omaha Fashion Week. You can contact her at [email protected]